Articles of Confederation (Kelis’s “Milkshake” Parody) – @MrBettsClass

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Can Alexander Hamilton bring the delegates to the yard in order to fix the Articles of Confederation?

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The Articles of Confederation are flawed,
With no new amendments because,
We’d need a unanimous charge,
Which I tell you is impossibly hard,
The Articles of Confederation are flawed,
We can’t tax, the states disregard,
No strength to enforce the laws,
This government is big faux pas,

It was the country’s,
First Constitution,
Passed in the Revolution, but
Made states too strong,
Fed’s powers none,
It’s pretty dumb,

We can declare war, but who will fight it?
We can’t force people to join the army,
We can print money, so can the states,
What good’s a dollar that no one’s taking,

The Articles of Confederation are flawed,
Congress can’t regulate commerce,
It’s made the economy worse,
States are putting tariffs on each other,
The Articles of Confederation are flawed,
To ensure limited power,
Goes to the central gov,
Made a system which simply does not work,

There’s only one branch,
The Legislative,
Unicameral, where is the
And Justices,
It’s powerless,

Just to pass a bill, need 9 of 13,
States to approve it, won’t hold my breath,
People know it’s weak, in Massachusetts,
The Shays’ Rebellion, we barely stopped it,

The Articles of Confederation are flawed,
I say this in Annapolis,
To discuss a better system,
We must meet in ’87,
The Articles of Confederation are flawed,
Let’s meet in Philadelphia,
At Independence Hall,
Where we will write a new Constitution!
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  1. 1trevdog1 1trevdog1 says:

    fucking liberals

  2. Kennedy Schroeder says:

    my social studies teacher played this video yesterday and today lol

  3. Princess Leia says:

    My teacher can sing this song!

  4. KALAH NEWSOME says:

    Is there any way you have and would be willing to share the lyrics in a printable version? I'd love for my kids to have them to refer back to and perform to other classes.

  5. Erica Stadler says:

    My students (and I) are enchanted by these wonderful videos! Keep them coming!

  6. SaumiCom says:

    The funny thing is I found this channel and showed it to my teacher.

  7. rachael bessey says:

    HEY MR. BOWEN!!!!! I'm watching this!

  8. TheGreat Marvini says:

    Omg the ending! ?

  9. Mimi Marie says:

    Hello Mr Betts! This is Mrs. Reyna's Social Studies 6th period Pre-Ap class and we just finished watching your video. We absolutely loved it!!!!! We will continue to watch your videos! Please give a shout out to my kiddos! They would really appreciate it. Thanks and keep rocking!

  10. Savanah Medlin says:


  11. Savanah Medlin says:

    I saw this guy in aig

  12. Savanah Medlin says:

    this is amazing lol

  13. Anjali Donn says:

    My teacher ALWAYS shows your vids lol!

  14. Skyler Bettencourt says:

    honestly this is better than the real song…

  15. Taylor McLoughlin says:

    This is my absolute favorite. We are finished with the Articles of Confederation unit, but still, my teacher plays this whenever we walk in because we are her first block class. Come to my school and take my teacher's place. I need your music live ?

  16. Epicdude 8428 says:

    XD This is quiet hilarious I must say

  17. O', Moonlight says:

    excuse me as I die

  18. Mario Varela says:

    wtf so cool

  19. Pluckt007 says:

    Giving a Thank You,

    Used as a warm-up on 9/29/16

    -Mr. Chaidez

  20. ablessedmama says:

    Thank you, that is exactly how we learn in this household!!!

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