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If your company is generating over ,000 per year and you are looking for the correct answers about if incorporating your new or existing business in BC is appropriate for you and your family then you are at the right place.

Sadly, a lot of people feel their business is too small or they are assuming it is too much of a adjustment and there may be a downside. As a consequence, considerable amounts of funds are being lost each year to taxes and for other factors.

Benefits of Incorporating
When you create your new corporation in British Columbia, or any other province the benefits begin with an immediate tax holiday which is the likelihood of deferring taxes for up to two years after establishing a new corporation. On top of that, the final amount of combined business and personal income tax paid will be much less than your present amounts. What an incredible increase to cash flow! Personal tax reduction is due to dividend tax credits which are used to reduce the tax liability from personal income taken from a corporation. When this is combined with income splitting with family members you have what we call a corporate rocket, which is to say, a money accumulating situation.

More Benefits
Sizeable tax savings and tax postponements year after year. Corporations habitually reduce and postpone tens of thousands of dollars of tax per year.

The owners (shareholders and directors) are not personally liable for corporate
income tax unless they conspire to strip off resources from the company to evade corporate tax. Other exceptions include non-compliance penalties for not filing tax returns.

The corporation is automatically deemed to be a business for profit. Issues such as whether or not an undertaking could be deemed by Canada Revenue Agency as a personal non-business activity, do not exist.

Any type of business activity (consulting, services, ventures for profit) can be transferred to a corporation for tax favoured treatment and asset protection.

Liability for corporate acts and debt are ordinarily limited to the corporation. Personally exposed liabilities can be transferred to corporations except those interrelated to professional activities. Please note that some legislation calls for the individual liability of directors for circumstances such as safety matters, unlawful acts, environmental regulations and fiduciary responsibility to the corporation.

There is a much higher degree of privacy and non-disclosure for private corporations’ activities than for personal dealings. Institutions must treat corporate and personal assets as separate holdings.

There is greater overall flexibility for items such as protection of assets, transferring or sales of assets to or from a corporation, estate planning, asset continuity and remuneration to family members.

The fact that a business is a corporation frequently results in an boost in business. A corporation is often perceived as an reputable, secure business in contrast to an unincorporated business.

A corporation has a perpetual existence. It continues on after the death of the individual.

A few moments speaking to one of our seasoned tax professionals about if incorporating in BC is right for you may change your life

Inquire about the spectacular benefits of a tax holiday for new corporations and how income splitting works.

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