Articles Related to Marketing Strategies ? Three Fantastic Tips for Improving Your Article Writing

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Articles related to marketing strategies are a good way to market for free. 75% of marketers are missing out on traffic because they do not focus on the important factors of the article marketing processes. Are you writing articles for you business? There are many things you must master to be effective.

Her are 3 fantastic tips for improving your articles related to marketing strategies.

1) Targeted Subjects- Your readers were very specific when they typed a problem statement into the search engine. The least you can do is to stick to the topic of their problem. There are many ways you can write you article, but it is most effective if you can focus right down to the readers’ problem and stay on task. Figure out what they want to read about and be specific in your answers.

2) Hold Back- We all want to get to our best stuff as soon as possible. The art of writing articles related to marketing strategies includes holding back a bit. While it is important to inform the reader, you must leave a little out there to create desire. For instance: “These are 3 fantastic tips, but I know of 2 more that are even better! The type of guru stuff that is rarely spoken about but used for awesome results…” Even if you give away your best stuff, wait till you get to this section of the article to do it.

3) Call to Action- The entire reason for writing articles related to marketing strategies is to get clicks. You want to drive traffic to your websites in order to continue the relationship you are building with your customers. The best way to accomplish this is a call to action. Tell the reader what you want them to do at the end of the article. Lead them to the information they are looking for. Don’t waste your time creating an article full of great stuff without offering the reader an opportunity to see more.

Creating articles related to marketing strategies is more of an art than a science. Try a few things like using targeted subjects, holding your best stuff back for a bit, and using an effective call to action. There are so many angles to the article marketing game. Take the time to learn the best techniques for your business and you will do well.

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