**ASMR** Page Turning W/Magazines & Ramble **Soft Spoken**

Thursday, November 17, 2016

**ASMR** Page Turning W/Magazines & Ramble **Soft Spoken**

hope you enjoyed
thanks for watching
love starlight


  1. A A says:

    aww you uploaded this video on my daughter's birthday! /the actual days s

  2. E - san says:

    I really love this video and i enjoyed it but i think the audio has a very low volume :c

  3. That Guy says:

    faster is better than slow, please make a faster vid

  4. Kaitlyn Thibeault says:

    U are so calming

  5. Sarah H (Sarbear) says:

    I absolutely love your slow page turning…the first half is soooo relaxing and tingly. Thank you!

  6. Gerald L says:

    Anybody know the song in the intro?

    It sounds…familiar…

  7. sunburst223 says:

    With regards to your comment on the Bloomingdale's ad, the reason they all look like that is because the American media has issues with how it portrays women. Ads often make women look very fake or even boyish. I hate it and it's one of the reasons I hate the American media.

  8. ASMRanonymous says:

    I thoroughly appreciate your videos, I seriously have been watching them everyday for the past few weeks. Keep up the great work!

  9. Kieran_W says:

    Good video!
    And are you from the UK 😀 where abouts? I'm in the Midlands 

  10. Alex Jimenez says:

    AWESOME!!! Watching at work was a bad idea I can't keep my eyes open OMG if next time you could read just small little articles I would be in heaven!! ???

  11. Emma Dilemma says:

    Lovely video – thank you 🙂
    Were you born in Australia by any chance? I detect an Aussie accent when you speak sometimes 

  12. Elle Emm ASMR says:

    Love this, thank you. Would love to see more videos where you look through a magazine and share your thoughts in your lovely relaxing voice. These and your soft spoken roleplays are the best! 

  13. wasteofspace20 says:

    I'd go gay for you. 

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