AT&T Raises 1st Amendment Concerns Over Net Neutrality – IGN News

Monday, November 28, 2016

AT&T plans to raise concerns over net neutrality when the case moves deeper into the court process, citing violations of the First and Fifth Amendments of the Constitution of the United States.

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  1. Ben “Kenobi” Hardin says:

    AT&T, Comcast, and all the major providers are a bunch of money grabbing shit heads. They all came together to agree on limiting monthly data usage to 300 Gb a month and if you go over they charge you out the ass for it. Just another reason we need Google to come liberate us from the greed of these companies. It costs these companies little to nothing for increased usage. Its just an agreement they came up with to take more money from everyone. Sucks but they provide the fastest speeds where I live. I cant wait for google fiber though, I'm glad my city is getting it, but I wish it would come faster.

  2. Leadslinger Wolf says:

    This is why I love IGN. Short, factual and to the point. Saves me the time of having to read a 2 page article just to get the same information. Thank you <3

  3. Zanforce says:

    This is why I left at&t they don't care about anyone but making money, they had gotten my account mixed up with someone else's we were paying for 2 accounts worth, I decided to call and ask why our bill was so high for like 3 months and why we didn't get our 100 dollar gift card after the 12 months, they said we had two accounts we were paying for both while another person was getting free internet and must of gotten our free gift card also.

    one across town and where we lived I said fix it they said we cannot fix this issue then transfer us a few times and that's when I said cancel it now I ain't paying this months and decided to switch companies.

    people need to start putting your foot down when stuff like this comes up, even if its hard to do, if they ever did something like this Id cancel for two months and if everyone followed just for those two months these internet companies would crumble fast and do anything to get us back, I mean we survived without internet back then shouldn't be too hard to do.

    only ones who would suffer would be them.

    Though probably be tough to do since most companies and people use the internet also for a source of income that would probably be a issue but wouldn't show them a thing or two.

  4. Payden Smith says:

    I'm so glad that the networks own our freedom of speech. If they want to say this then everyone's internet service should be up continuously with no dropped connection so their "acquired speech" can be spoken. I understand this is unrealistic. Why shouldn't I expect flawless internet if they expect us to not say anything. EVERYONE HAS TO FOLLOW THE LAW, not just the people paying for the services.

  5. Just Evil says:

    Easy there sugar tits…. corporations aren't taking control of the internet….. they kinda built it.. it's the government that is taking control.. let me guess just another brain washed liberal.

  6. KillerShark73 says:

    ATT will throw tons of money at this and fight it from every angle they can because it affects their bottom line.  Don't expect to see this Net Neutrality thing solved for many years.

  7. TheGameRage1 says:

    Freedom of speech or nothing!

  8. sergio cruz says:

    guess what at&at company piece of shit? I'm not gonna spend any cent on you.

  9. Fabian Gonzalez-Cortes says:

    They have a point :/

  10. Rexro98 says:

    I'm just waiting for Google to step in and provide their own internet and phone to everyone, so they won't be massive money-hungry douchebags about it. This whole "concern" doesn't even make any sense; how would not letting companies regulate internet speeds have ANYTHING to do with violating free speech. What it sounds more like to me is like they're trying to MAKE IT so they CAN violate free speech withholding the speeds.

  11. Beedrill15 says:

    We may have to all go back to using the gasp library!

  12. Kanye West can hold this L says:

    AT&T trying to do what ever it can to stop net neutrality. Lol

  13. BadLuckCoderre says:

    Each day, I hear more news about more control going to our governments and less control from us. This is just going to escalate. Wondering what this'll all lead to in 20 years. 

  14. tDames of The WerkHeads says:

    AT&T can suck massive dicks

  15. Ismail Kidd says:

    Suck it AT&T

  16. BaleshNTP says:

    Nice try, AT&T. 

  17. Luis Navarro says:

    that law was created 81 YEARS AGO like wtf

  18. Braeden says:

    When this channel was created I wondered why anyone would subscribe to this when the actually ign channel has this and more. Then I realized it's the news that I wanted to know about without all of the shitty reviews and crappy talk shows 

  19. uthinkofaname says:

    For more on how corporations are trying to take over the Internet? You mean the same corporations that provide you the Internet in the first place? Do really trust a federal government that tramples our first and fourth amendment rights by unlawfully collecting our phone calls and monitoring all our Internet traffic? Maybe as a Canadian you don't fully comprehend  free speech, after all you can get sued for hurting someone's feelings in Canada. Just ask Mark Steyn.

  20. MickeyLovesIceCream says:

    lol This is hilarious. XD You damn well know companies don't care about the constitution. This is sad.

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