Saturday, October 14, 2017

Audio article is a new initiative of Drishti IAS for aspirants preparing for Civil Service Examination. In this special program, Drishti will provide crux of important English articles from selected newspapers & magazines in Hindi as audio clip. Program is designed to clarify the concepts of various complicated topics useful for CSE & other exams.

Unlocking Your DNA

Unlocking Your DNA
April 5, 2017
by Barbara Marciniak

This Article:

Unlocking Your DNA


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  1. UDITA TIWARI says:

    This awesome you tube channel is one stop destination for all aspirants… Thanks a lot team Dristi for providing such audio articles of relevant issues via adorable voice of Amrit sir …?? .Interlinking of rivers is a very important topic mentioned in the geography optional syllabus ..
    Amrit Sir you have wonderfully explained each & every aspect , negative as well as positive impact of this project .??????

  2. Abhishek Tamboli says:

    Sir daily audio article me topics kisi bhi news paper and other sources se mil kar taiyar kiya jata hai

    Sir meri 1 resuest hai ki jo bhi content liya jata hai article banane me uski data bhi slides me screen me hohi to uski screenshots leke further aage uska help humko so sakega

  3. Vijay Pal says:

    Plz sir provide pdf


    Thank q sir

  5. SATYA PRAKASH says:

    Very nice article sir…..

  6. Surya prakash Tiwari says:

    sir lot of thanks Drishti team and you

  7. Deepansha Thakur says:

    Thanku for drishti team sir sach mai aap ke article se mujhe bhut help milti hai

  8. Kiran Vishwakarma says:

    Very useful for ourselves

  9. Kiran Vishwakarma says:

    Thanks sir

  10. Dipika Malviya says:

    thank you so much sir

  11. pallavi awasthi says:

    Thank u sir….
    And team drishti….

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  13. Mahendra Kumar says:

    thanks sir

  14. abhay mishra says:

    धन्यवाद सर

  15. Navaneet Patel says:

    Thanks sir

  16. Gautam Rathod says:

    Sir map ke ppt dwara ye smjaye to Aur bhi behtar ho skta hai. Taki ham asani se concept samaj ske k ye nadi yaha hai Aur yaha se link hogi. Otw it's Great job sir. It's just my opinion.

  17. Ravi Prajapati says:

    Sir maine drishtiias ke link pe book ka pdf download kar liya hai.
    Uske alawa ncert ka book 6 to 12 tak studies krna hai

  18. Ravi Prajapati says:

    Sir upsc ke liye math kon sa book
    Use kare

  19. divya manish gupta says:

    Thanks sir

  20. abhishek tiwari says:

    सराहनीय कदम…… गागर में सागर है टीम दृष्टि का आॅडियो आर्टिकल प्रोग्राम ?

  21. Thomas Emanuelsson says:

    Lightbody 5D ? astral reflektion!! ?

  22. Merryweather Honeyfoot says:


  23. Ascension Mojo says:


  24. Gary Dillard says:


  25. Marcus Hernandez says:

    thank you Barbra. 🙂

  26. Timothy Kaliszewski says:

    i feel this process working currently. Truthfully feels very uncomfortable. When does it end?

  27. ron richards says:

    I will tell you something. it is the light in you. as a empath I know this but, first. grow off this light in you. and expand off the light. was mantras  are you call the light energy. liiive off it!!!

  28. Felix Zaragoza says:

    I am 9,900th viewer.

  29. nuredin munir says:

    thank you

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  31. olaf biessen says:

    about an half year agoo an beeing (looked like a gray but had a pearl white soft skin) was working on me (my brain as it felt/tintle tiggling feeling)
    i was half awake/ half assleep it didn`t feel like a dream.
    i asked the beeing what he was doing; he told me it was time to acivate the 12 th element in me.
    Can someboddy tell me what he meant? what he did?
    Bless you all++

  32. Joseph Bixby says:

    let go and let God! the universe can heal and upgrade us much faster than we can ourselves!

  33. leo loin says:

    i am looking 4 to unlocking the other 10 DNA !
    and unlocking 100% of my brain and heart !!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Infinite Space and Energy says:

    i love u

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  36. Chris Michalkow says:

    thank you guides thank you all givers of information! LOVE TO ALL.

  37. Ninjaasamouu says:

    Thank You very much!!

  38. Cindy Howard says:

    LOVE & LIGHT to ALL!! ??

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