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Formatting Textbroker Articles 2019

Formatting Textbroker Articles 2019

Most of your articles will require some kind of formatting like h1 tags h2 tags, bold, italic, hyperlinked text, bulleted and numbered lists.

This is a brief tutorial on how to do these formats both inside and outside of the Textbroker article submission box.

You can actually do most of these basic HTML formats by hand if you write your articles in Notepad or Word first before uploading them to Textbroker, and I show you how to do that.

Formatting Textbroker Articles 2019

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Learn how to create a WordPress theme using Pinegrow Part 7
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This informative 59-minute video presentation by Robert Brown has four parts: (1) 4 Conflicting Approaches; (2) What Article V Really Says; (3) The 1787 Precedent — 3 Indisputable Facts; and (4) Conclusion.

This video provides an up-to-date analysis of the Article V convention issue. It is especially useful for informing state legislators on the reasons why all Article V convention applications should be rejected.

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Writing essays takes a ton of time – to say nothing of all the extra time you spend in the research phase, as well as editing each draft to make sure you didn’t make any typos or accidentally paste in your work-in-progress Inuyasha fan fiction.

Today we’ll go over some strategies that can help you make the entire process of writing that essay or research paper go a whole lot quicker.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Library Research:

A Beginner’s Guide to Library Research

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Need to find a source’s citation information? This video will walk you through the process of locating titles, authors, dates, and other general citation info you need to properly cite a magazine article.

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Go from an online citation to a full text article from the library in a few clicks. Okay, several clicks.

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How to write an eOrganic Article Class Session 1

This 4-webinar class on how to write an article for publication on, covers what eOrganic is, and how eOrganic articles differ from scientific journal articles. eOrganic articles are written for an audience of farmers, extension agents, agriculture professionals, researchers, government agencies, nonprofits and others with an interest in certified organic farming. This 4-webinar class is being offered in preparation for 2 student article competitions in 2020 for which eOrganic was awarded a NIFA OREI grant. The presenter is Alice Formiga, and the classes will be available as a playlist. For more information on eOrganic articles, see our Instructions for Authors at To find out more about the competition, subscribe to our newsletter at Find all our published articles at, and all our videos and webinars on this YouTube channel.