Autism – Myths & Facts

Monday, September 25, 2017

Autism – Myths & Facts
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  1. bigest meme says:

    I have aspergers I wish I didn't have it so then I wouldn't be so bad at school

  2. joeleoo says:

    super power activated! Autism!

  3. ell morgan says:

    I have high functioning autism, and I have problems with emotions.
    After a serious amount of emotions have come through me.
    It usually takes a lot of energy away,
    Energy spent on emotions.
    So i usually need to take a few hours after a stressful day with very dull feelings of joy or just being content until i regain that energy.

  4. Fluffy says:

    I have high-functioning Asperger's Syndrome, I needed to hear this today

  5. Jacob Dawson says:

    The MMR vaccine does play a role in severe autism, or big whoop you have Aspergers, I bet you don't know half the stuff that happens to people with autism so severe they can't talk even at the age 11 can't read or write at 11 and can't even tell you why he's hurting. At least dig deeper before you do autism videos. Search ignite the truth on YouTube and watch the movie Vaxxed

  6. LAPRINCESSITAX956 says:

    My son has autism thank you for making this video

  7. Ihave no name says:


    I have autism and could not accept it until I saw this video. I am a go-getter and I am also a person hsp. In. communication I do it well and thank you for this video. ps: Can you explain to me why I fell in love with your boobs

  8. z Joca says:

    that was beautiful

  9. Briara Luna says:

    agreed, I do want to have friends but it's hard cause of the social part, I can say as much as I can then I get stuck and don't know what to say, I try but it's hard

  10. Alexandra Hyde says:

    I have autism because of my life I get bullied

  11. Alexandra Hyde says:

    I have autism I was bullied well I have autism not that many girls have autism I know more boys than girls have autism but I I'm the only person in my family that have autism so that's why Special Care and I need with social skills so let me tell you the story well real life story of course so one of my friends told me to take off my shirt in the playground and then my dad saw it and they told me pick out my pants and then the girls got me in trouble well I told my dad course believe me if anybody out of time out because I was already in time out for 5 5 years sound like I have autism but I really do if you go over Autism Awareness Month in April please celebrate it cuz I need you to celebrate Autism Awareness Month is the time where you have to be aware for autism which I have to be there for me I am a special needs kid and that means I'm probably going to grow up with special needs to

  12. GamingKing says:

    Me to I'm mild but I can't stand people who get bullied for having it and I don't look like I have it either so I kept it secret except those who were bullied so they knew they weren't alone when I defended them. I got the courage when 3 senior found out when I was a freshmAn I had autism and one of my friends who didn't have it told me to run so I did. He stood his ground and took5 hits with a steel toe boot and came to class with a busted forehead with blood going everywhere. He was out for the rest of the year with a major concussion and couldn't go outside for safety reasons. He gave his life for mine so I follow his lead till this day. Those 3 kids were arrested before anyone else found out so I was saved as well.

  13. Ahmed AlRaee says:


  14. Lewis Conroy says:

    I have been bullied for the last ten years because of the effects my autism has on my. Everything from being told my interests are "childish" to being physically hit for acting differently. My skull is actually misshapen from when I was hit once.

  15. Angus Smith says:

    I think I'm Stereotypically autistic (°¿°)

  16. Tara Sissons says:

    I have autism

  17. Sh hdjxkjs Nxndjdhsnsj says:

    How the hell could someone dislike this video

  18. iKatnissKid Productionz says:

    I'm autistic and I have friends

  19. iKatnissKid Productionz says:

    I'm autistic, too

  20. Zac Burrell says:

    U welcome

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