Baal Worship And Modern Day Society – Abortion, Sexual Excess & Worshipping Nature

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Baal Worship And Modern Day Society - Abortion, Sexual Excess & Worshipping Nature

Baal Worship And Modern Day Society – Abortion, Sexual Excess & Worshipping Nature

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Abortion is theoretically legal, but some states make it practically inaccessible.

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  1. jerry henrie says:

    Mormons follow what God commanded. Tha a man and a women leave the parents and become one. That they become married and that is where they have sex. That is where love between a legal married couple in the name of Christ enjoy sex and the children that can come from it. Sex in any Christian faith is to be between the man and his wife only. Same with the Mormon faith. Pron is of the devil 100% all the time. It is pure evil incarnate and cant bring any form of Godly thing. The sex life of a Christian and Mormon should be a big part of marriage, of course as you age it loses its improtance over time.

  2. James Taylor says:

    Yet another key to liberation. Thank you very much!

  3. Manado Jones says:

    Pretty far fetched.

  4. Karen Lee Camacho says:

    sodomizing babies kills blood sacrifice Blood Moons I ts just as it was in the beginning 13 days of killings

  5. norma morales says:

    wekk save yourself till you get married

  6. norma morales says:

    if it takes your time away from GOD then the anwser is yes exp if you spend say 12 hrs on computer time doing not of godly thing and 5 mins on GOD then you have a idol or another god and GOD sats have no other gods before me or idols

  7. Julio Ruiz says:

    Elijah has already come, that prophecy has already been fulfilled

  8. shanny banany says:

    What do you mean that Mormons have issues with sex? Mormons don't think sex is wicked or evil. We believe that sex is part of procreation and that it is a power between a man and a woman to create new life. It is a great responsibility. We believe that sex outside of marriage is wrong and that pornography becomes addictive and causes problems in relationships and idealises women. Everything else though I agree with you but you shouldn't state things about religion that you don't really know about. We believe in modesty from both men and women and both boys and girls are responsible for their sexual behavior

  9. Alberta Giddens says:

    sex outside marriage is sin

  10. Tom Gertenhäuer says:

    People have been worshipping nature, way before Baal was worshipped, not all pagan cultures were or are done the same, and we honestly don't know under what context the sacrifices were made either, because there are no surviving records far as i know of how baal worship was done, but again all pagan worship is not baal worship, SO how do they know for sure that that was the context in which these sacrifices were done? and alot of times when other religions are described and written about its written by their enemies especially when your reliigon is trying to become the dominate religion, why would they put the practices in the right context, of course your going to make them sound as bad as possible when your writing about them, but i doubt even baal worshippers just sacrificed because they could, sacrifices, were viewed alot of times as being meaningful, , not just hey i dont want a baby anymore, we don't know for sure if thats really how it was practiced

  11. vapid Rabbit (vapidRabbit) says:

    not every atheist is obsessed with creation… we usually have to have some counter arguement to the standard christian question "well, where did we all come from?"… but honestly, i don't really care that much. just like your god and devil, it doesn't affect my life. i trust the scientists and doctors a hell of a lot more than preachers and televangelists. and frankly the idea of an invisible god creating everything in six days is perposterous.

  12. vapid Rabbit (vapidRabbit) says:

    your god flooded the earth and sent plagues onto the egyptian population… aparently he allowed his own son to be tortured to death… i don't get the feeling your god has problems killing kids and other innocent people.

  13. Konrad Fleming says:

    baal is a Jewish run satanic just like the satanic Jewish run porn industry satanic music industry

  14. Torace Johnson says:

    That was some interesting facts parallel between ancient ritual worshipping to now is the fact of life in today sociality most people don't even have a clue that they are functionally acting out these Baal rituals and think of it as a choice or a right.  These are abominating sins and one of the greatest act of rebellion against the Most High that will surely bring down His wrath in due time with curses first then His judgment.  Religion is also an abomination that is a ritual act of housing for idol gods or temples for the gods, remember the Most High did not create religion, the other nations did.  Murdering the innocent babies to unborn babies through abortion goes against the Most High commandment to be fruitful and reproduce your kind another great sin.  If the Most High want us to reproduce then sex in not a sin until it becomes twisted and goes against the true nature He created it for man and woman to create a family unit.

  15. Mark wilson says:


  16. Tarchoom says:

    Baal sounds like a nice person unlike the threeheaded evil titan called Christianislamjudaism that loves murdering humans.

  17. Kroban3 says:

    Organized religion is corrupt. I will probably never again be a member of a church. Glenn Beck is a Mormon. Mormon temples are eerily similar to masonic temples and include baphomet stars. With enough research you'll also conclude that masons at the highest level worship Lucifer.

  18. 70edie says:

    You have some good points here regarding Baal worship and its manifestations in America, but as a happily married man of 15 years, I find your view that there is nothing wrong for a Christian man to look at nude photos of women unacceptable and offensive. Jesus said that even if you only look at a woman to lust after her , you are committing the sin of adultery/fornication with her in your heart. And as a man I know that it is impossible to look at a photo of attractive nude woman and not desire her. I agree that there is nothing wrong with sex itself, but it is a gift of God to be enjoyed only in the confines of marriage. Extra marital sex never satisfies like being one in spirit, soul, and body with a woman you truly love. The Lord also said, "Be, holy, as I am Holy." Sex in a marriage is holy, sex outside of it  is  always sinful and destructive. A.H.T.

  19. mathew idicula says:

    There is nothing wrong with worshipping nature, but is nature the only thing? Nature is the bottom rung, our minds and what we can think and create let us not be selfish in taking what is offered, and God should be first, not God, God but God is a way to refresh all thinking to turn the good into the sublime for countless generations to let not greed rule your heart but all that is good and kind and bends toward the sustaining and everlasting.

  20. meconnectesimplement says:

    Interesting and insightful video. As a muslim, I however invite you to research a little more about true Islam's views on sexuality and stop being blurred by the burqa and community traditions. The Quran is full of examples where Allah raises the question of sexuality without it being a tabou and even gives a description of the beauty of women in paradise with details about theirs breast, eyes, complexion and behavior ! The Prophet of Islam (pbuh) gave limitless teachings about love between a husband and his wife and sexuality. All this culminates in these sayings: "You muslim believers ! the ones among you who are violent to their women are no the best among you ! Gold is for your women, give it to them as it is their right ! Do not approach your wives without sending them a message, and the rose is one of the most beautiful ones". To the ones who can read, sexuality is completely treated in these few sentences…

  21. Channel 46 says:

    THis show doesnt make as much sense when he's saying something I don't agree with. This makes me wonder if i only like this show because he says what I want to hear….

  22. Christian Stafford says:

    I won't lie, I don't like abortion. Unless it's a forced pregnancy or an extreme situation I think it should be illegal. I guess I'm part of the thirty six percent than.

  23. Kaye jones says:

    this was amazing and terrible at the same time

  24. Ratgrot says:

    Please tell me Whole Woman's Health won that case and that girl managed to get her abortion in the end

  25. ∆ Ghost Kids ∆ says:

    i'm polish and my government is just about to pass a law that makes ALL abortion ILLEGAL and punished with PRISON. poland is in europe…all those 'pro-life' people seem to care more about a bunch of cells inside a woman's body than a woman herself. they don't care about the actual child, they're just blinded by religion/ignorance. it's sad that we even have to discuss that stuff in 2016. the world has much worse issues than this, eg. wars, gun laws, things that are actual threats to humans that have been already born.

  26. Vandal Savage says:

    Cute sloths.

  27. JakeTV says:

    This is what happens when you have a country that denies people of something because it might piss somebody off that may/may not exist.

  28. Niek Klaver says:

    so if you get raped and get pregnant you have to keep it?

    if you HATE children but get pregnant you have to keep it?

    things happen people, stop being so ignorant..

  29. Blue Guy says:

    Trevor Noah will never escape the shadow of Jon Stewart. Oliver ran out of that shadow already

  30. Yaoi Forever says:

    So a lot of people have been talking about life after birth for an unwanted baby (and that's important I'm not going to lie) but what about the pregnancy and the birth process, do they realize that giving birth to a child is incredibly difficult and can actually (albeit rarely) be fatal? Not to mention a woman has to carry around the developing fetus for 9 months. So pretty much what many people are saying is, oh who cares if the mother goes through horrific pain and suffering for a child that she doesn't want, as long as it's born it's fine.

  31. Thomas Ranz says:

    Some "mild suction" is said like he's selling a vacuum cleaner. It is "mild suction" of a fetus into a trash receptacle. Yet another case of minimizing what abortion actually entails. I'm sickened.

  32. HyperFish says:

    Aww, they have to travel for 3 days to take a life? Poor girls

  33. Myathewolfeh1 says:

    Conservatives want women's health to be a "top priority" but then they say that a 13-year-old rape victim or even just a 13-year-old that engaged in sex with their boyfriend and just happened to get pregnant should be forced to give birth to a child when their bodies WILL be damaged in the process because they are not ready, I'm not entirely sure they are concerned about the health of the mother OR child. All they care about is satisfying their beliefs. Not the children. Not the mothers. Just their beliefs. It's disgusting.

  34. Marie Drapeau says:

    dude fuck you it isn't the kids fault you could drop the baby off at a safe haven and never hear about it again

  35. Getaway OfMyLoan says:

    no both parent should have the right to chose, i'm sorry but if it can fuck up the fathers life. He has the right to get the abortion and not make a little child live with the knowledge that his father didn't want him.

  36. magicguirarman says:

    That's it, I need me a sloth.

  37. Mark Citadel says:

    Abortion serves one purpose: to allow women to be sexually irresponsible sluts without consequence.

  38. donovan modlin says:


  39. Honda Toyota says:

    The thing is you have to draw a line somewhere. In the UK, I believe
    it's before 24 weeks. Anything longer is considered immoral especially
    if the woman is biologically and mentally fit. I think it is monstrous
    to have an abortion any further, for example, at month 5 just because
    you are inconvenienced or something (you can get family and government support). But these radical liberals trying
    to make it legal without any restriction need to have their heads
    checked. Any state logical enough will have restrictions and that's how
    it should be. I'd like it if we adopted UK's laws on the matter,

  40. Erlend K says:

    Yeah fuck it, abortions 8 months in. Abortions a few days before due date fuck it.
    Abortions should only be allowed in the early stages.

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