Basic Food Safety – (WVON Chicago Radio Interview) – Sal Rastegar

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

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Video Rating: / 5 Natural health physician Dr. Joseph Mercola and drug company insider Dr. Shiv Chopra talks about food safety, the destruction of our food supply, and what you can do to protect the health of your loved ones. (Part 2 of 9)
Video Rating: / 5


  1. mm7531357 says:

    This is such an important topic and discussion of it is so cyclical (we wait until the next food poising scare!!). This WVON interview some of the most the important issues. There needs to be more on this topic.

  2. oldspammer says:

    Reason why it is important to know all of this is because the Rockefeller dynasty are principle shareholders in an unbelievable number of corporations including both Monsanto & Eli Lilly & Co. and are the heavy weights in the New York Fed who control the US Federal Reserve who also ultimately report back to the crown in the city state of the City of London.
    Google (Canada free trade agreement negotiations Geac computer Metropolitan Life Rockefeller)

  3. moles2000 says:

    SO if you are from Holland you think Canada and the US are the same thing?

  4. flotillaGo says:

    @jeannamilner stop bragging, high fructose corn sirup is in almost everything in holland. peace!!

  5. jeannamilner says:

    Interesting … "America has the most toxic food on earth." I believe it!

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