Big Data Analytics and the Transformation of Healthcare

Wednesday, December 28, 2016 Dr. Marty Kohn (formerly the Chief Medical Scientist for IBM’s Watson, now the Chief Medical Scientist for Jointly Health) explains IBM’s Watson’s role in healthcare. It addresses free text, natural language, journal articles, guidelines, and much more.
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University of Utah Hospital: David Entwistle, CEO – 2015 #UtahHealthcareHeroes honoree

Utah’s own academic teaching hospital has built a legacy over the last 50 years of offering a wide array of treatment options and clinical trials for patients. It’s the home of the region’s only comprehensive burn center and the area’s largest group of medical specialty services, such as brain injury and stroke treatment, high-risk obstetrics, orthopedic care, and state-of-the-art heart and vascular treatment programs. Its historical claims to fame also include implanting the world’s first total artificial heart in 1982, opening North America’s first integrated electrophysiology MRI lab in 2009 and performing the world’s smallest liver-kidney transplant to save a toddler’s life in 2014. These cutting-edge techniques and departments are right at home with the hospital’s mission to educate and innovate. For the past five years, the healthcare system has been ranked among the top academic medical centers in the country. It keeps a commitment to helping patients who might not be able to otherwise afford medical care—last year alone, it provided an unsustainable 0 million in uncompensated care. And while it’s state-owned, it receives only 0.4 percent of its operating budget from state tax appropriations, earning the rest through clinical services.Congratulations to David Entwistle and everyone at the University of Utah Hospital″


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