BIG RANT Inspired By An Article On Twitchcon

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Let’s see if that title gets past the YouTube censors! It’s been a while since there’s been a rant. So here’s a rant!

Link to the article so you can read it all:

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  1. LoneTech says:

    You may be building a false association here; discussing demonetization is one of the things YT really want to suppress, so every time someone guesses a topic leads to it, YT's machine learning trains that association. It's self fulfilling. Similarly, since you discuss women and feminism, you'll feel that topic is under attack each time you face opposition; sometimes the objection isn't on topic. Unfortunately, while I know you're capable of reconsidering these associations, YouTube's automation isn't.

  2. JusticeSoulTuna says:

    On a separate note, I do find the treatment of sexuality in the media and general consciousness to be a DIRECT CAUSE of this. Sexuality is intentionally treated as this weird, dirty thing, like it's a drug; used in music videos and advertising as this really exotic thing. Which is why if you're a virgin, you're treated as a loser for not being able to obtain it, however you can. Instead of healthy, fair and honest treatment of sex and sexuality as a normal and positive aspect of the human experience, it's kept away from people's conversations and held up in this gross manner. THIS is why sexy cosplayers as seen as thots, THIS is why the idea of women's purity still persists, and this is why any guys who like this stuff are seen as disgusting perverts that 'don't respect women', and any women who are sexually expressive 'don't respect themselves'. Men and women would be so much happier and freer if we were allowed to enjoy our sexuality in an honest and fair way, and it wasn't treated as this creepy taboo thing like the media paints it. But this mindset is normalized by most people, by the liberal AND conservative ideologies alike. Like with so much going on, it would be against the interests of certain people if we all got along, which is why they try so hard to make us hate one another.

  3. JusticeSoulTuna says:

    While the Twitch side of puritanical policy and demonization of sexuality is consistent of the usual SJW style 'we want women's lib, except when they dress sexy', the people who are anti Twitch girl has a separate dimension. There's a perception, still, that Twitch girls are just the hot, good looking popular girls that made fun of gamers and nerds, who are just using the medium to get money from thirsty guys. The perception being that these women aren't good at games or don't even like them, but do as well if not better than male gamers trying very hard on the platform. So people get this toxic attitude that they are merely interlopers trying to co-opt the fandom, using sex appeal alone to make money off of desperate, lonely gamer guys.

    It's also a fear; a fear that these people aren't genuine, that these people ARE the popular girl bullies that hurt them, and they want to stab back at them. Couple that with some archaic ideas about women's modesty, or worse; the notion of women's purity, it leads to this. Keep in mind, I don't agree with all this, I just understand why it's happening, cause I get the mindset. Someone said that 'shouldn't you be happy, you finally get to play games with hot girls, isn't that what you've always wanted?' Except, that isn't quite the case. These hot girls are typically in their own circles with, what is perceived to be, popular hot guys. The average gamer doesn't feel represented by these good looking, rich and successful guys, so there's a frustration there.

    Put simply, the hate for 'Twitch thots' stems from the bitterness that a lot of guys feel for creating a subculture away from the people that hurt them, only for the people that hurt them to "claim" their hobby and use it to make money. It's sad that it's seen that way, honestly. As we all know, women have played games for years, but they're just now more visible. It's a shame that they get treated like this, just for wanting to game with the rest of us. Keep in mind, there's several female gamers who also hate 'Twitch thots', and some of them feel like they're making all female gamers look bad, cause there's now an expectation that they should be good looking, dress provocatively, or they have no worth. It's such a convoluted issue. And even if you care about these issues, guy or girl, doesn't help too that the narrative is about how toxic guys are and how hard it is for women, because it then perpetuates the shitty attitude these guys get, all to profit some journalist's bias.

  4. Arve Eriksson says:

    That's… the absolute worst way bar none to write 'Final Fantasy 8' that I have ever seen. Kudos!

  5. Hindru Denver says:

    Networks on TV would LOVE to receive a displaced audience. especial ones they systematically displaced themselves

  6. Dwarven All Father says:

    Of course a dirty feminist supports camwhores

  7. patchesdf says:

    Being slut-shamed by the Scheer administration is a badge of honour.  If it happened to me I would print that twitter message on a t-shirt and wear it everywhere.

  8. Alex Tonsofchexmix says:


  9. Roger Payne says:

    I remember when women were dressing in less than this ( at times) in public not even cosplay and guess what? People were fine with it though the women may have been getting harassed in some settings they handled it better then too! Omg it's almost like people have made this" issue" into something more than it ever was.

  10. AMV CBG says:

    I hate how people try and take away anything sexual because it's sexual.

    People are curious about sex and its a natural thing.

    Historically erotic art was commo. Through most cultures through most of history.

    It wasn't till the surge of evangelicals in the Christian and salarfism in the Muslim worlds in the 1800s when erotic art was starting to be deemed as shameful and wrong.

    And the west hasn't shaken off that mentality completely and the Muslim world hasn't shaken it off at all.

  11. Ayan Barua says:

    Slut-shamed by "feminists"…

    We live in a society

  12. Boat Knight says:

    your Patreon Jingle, Is that Gloria by Laura Branigan?

  13. Bladezeromus says:

    I just can't care or have sympathy for her; when wars happen, innocents get thrown to the wolves. Twitch won't moderate their platform and people are sick of all these women on Twitch getting half-naked and streaming a game in a tiny little box away from your attention. Breaking TOS across their kneecaps while getting away with it, meanwhile, anyone trying to come up gets caught with any ole bullshit that Twitch can come up with.

    Get rid of them, don't get rid of them… I honestly just don't care anymore. I, and many others have stopped using Twitch.

  14. X of Center says:

    NBC is utterly without credibility. You’re behind the curve. They lost their integrity after 2016.

  15. woodwyrm says:

    Soft bigotry of lower expectations because of [X]*

    *Where X is whatever is deemed immoral, sexist, racist, you-name-it:ist/ism/flavor of the day.

  16. no privacy says:

    Liana keeps sanity in the discourse.

  17. Cerugona says:

    The horseshoe is now a pretzel.
    – Liana K. 2019.

  18. Charlie Milroy says:

    It's not anti female body it's anti sexualized female body where children may be subjected to the images or videos

  19. Ralathar44 says:

    Just normal Twitch double standards. I covered thier history of how they had a real softcore porn "problem" full of double standards on another video's comments. It's like years of context that is determining their current stupid actions, but the reality is they are trying to both make money off of the sexuality and also trying to act like they are doing something about ti both so you get stupid stuff like this.

  20. Pirate Bear says:

    On June 18th 2019, Alinity threw her cat across the room and faced no consequences. There are multiple clips of her having her cat drink alcohol and other various forms of abuse. Amouranth said "N*** store" on stream in August. They still stream and still makes themselves and Twtich money off this content.

    On October 1, 2019, dellorlol was permanently banned from Twtich for "self-harm" for a running gag of him breaking a keyboard over his head that Twitch staff had seen and allowed in the past. This happened after dellorlol was getting his streaming career back on track by streaming for nothing for months because Twitch arbitrarily pulled his sub button. An hour later, dellorlol posted a suicide note to Twitter. As of this comment, this was his last communication.

    In providing more protection to a keyboard than a cat (because the animal abuser makes Twitch money), they may have just killed a man. We just want a place where people can have fun and hang out over video games. Hopefully Twitch will improve because of this, but it shouldn't take someone's (potential) suicide to clean house.

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