Biggest Wall Street Insiders Cashing Their Stock Market Chips.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

In this report I cover an article from the FT about how the executives and board members at the biggest US lenders by assets have been unloading shares in their own banks. I also talk about the aftermath of hurricane Harvey and how flood insurance could impact financial markets.

Hurricane Harvey Flood Insurance:

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  1. pykkervots says:

    The US media seem so pocketed and untrustworthy that they're making the BBC look almost reliable. Which it isn't. Don't renew your TV licence

  2. 40waterHotPocket says:

    is anyone else in the Slick Picks discord?

  3. B. M. says:

    I have been through several like floods. The Media always makes it appear worse than it is. They show you the worst of the worst from the right angle. Sure some people are flooded out, but the vast majority are not affected

  4. Dejan says:

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  5. MORDHI says:

    They know something we don't know

  6. Charles Wilson says:

    Slow sell off so as not to attract panic in the market for the idiots to remain for the sacrifice.

  7. joewger says:

    The insurance companies will pass higher costs onto everyone. The government just keeps paying out money and none gets to the people. They can't pay social security, medicare, etc. but they always have money for wars and disasters. Gold should go up this week.

  8. workwillfreeyou says:

    Speaking from 1st hand experience, most people won't get any flood insurance money. The superwealthy well connected with get all the flood insurance money. When I asked the courts to examine the insurance claim rejection " We don't take those cases"

  9. Ilam Qazi says:

    Houston, We have a problem!!

  10. Blue Collar Mark says:

    It's a rounding error, when you have 100's of trillions $ of unfunded obligations. Nothing to worry about, call the Fed and have them create the currency out of thin air and then turn it into digital bull crap.

  11. cow cow says:

    Thank you always

  12. bev lower says:

    GEEE!  IF you had the power to "control the weather" you could bankrupt a region or state & sell it's debt to China to "digitize" on the ACChain!  Thank God the military industrial complex won't be able to "control the weather" until 2020!  otherwise, we'd be ……!!! .-.  .-.

  13. Robusti09 says:
    "If a storm hits the region in the right spot, “it’s going to kill America’s economy,” said Pete Olson, a Republican congressman from Sugar Land, a Houston suburb.
    Such a storm would devastate the Houston Ship Channel, shuttering one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes. Flanked by 10 major refineries — including the nation’s largest — and dozens of chemical manufacturing plants, the Ship Channel is a crucial transportation route for crude oil and other key products, such as plastics and pesticides. A shutdown could lead to a spike in gasoline prices and many consumer goods — everything from car tires to cell phone parts to prescription pills."

  14. D C says:

    On the campaign trail Trump said we were in a big bubble but when he got in office it was a different story, he wanted to take credit for the artificially high stock market. People thought Trump was going to to be the savior but ever since he's been in office the country is divided and foreign policy is in chaos. He back peddled on Afghanistan, bombed Syria, is not making Mexico pay for the wall, and didn't repeal and replace Obamacare with a plan that would take care of all Americans. Threatening a shutdown if we the taxpayers don't pay for the wall about did it. I'm sure this is why the Trump rally is over. It was artificial anyway, we need a correction.

  15. Charlotte Grove says:

    It's federally funded because no one can afford it without subsidy..

  16. TheInvisibleOne says:

    GoFundMe to change this dude's wallpaper.  Thanks.

  17. The End says:

    Flooding? Ha. Just like Sandy, they just don't pay. People in sandy got fucked and trump is an insider, Their fucked. Peace.

  18. Evander Farson says:

    All those poor animals in Houston… I feel really bad for them. Not so much for the people, who are mostly statists anyway

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