Bill Nye Destroys Trump Adviser William Happer, Scolds CNN over Climate Change

Thursday, May 4, 2017

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CNNMoney has released an article and video about retro video games and prices. Article here:
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  1. Alex Weiskopf says:

    lol CNN is a joke. He's supposedly the 'science guy' but now he thinks that someone who says they are a different gender than their biology says they are is legitimate. He embodies the typical idiot leftist

  2. Kathryn Heath says:

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  3. Chris Foxxe says:


  4. spec24 says:

    Science is political???? Holy shit! Well, in that case, keep your fucking mouth shut until the right-wingers are out of office. Jesus Christ.

  5. SuperAtheist says:

    Bill Nye the pseudoscience guy.


  6. Aadi Bhandary says:

    The reason why Trump pays skeptics is because of the deals with Exxon. If we move onto research for advanced technology, oil will become obsolete.

  7. Aadi Bhandary says:

    Happer: we get more carbon dioxide which is good for plants
    Nye: The rate is the issue, not the amount of CO2
    Happer: /:

  8. Spiro Mentos says:

    Bill Nye isn't even a scientist. He's an actor. He has a degree in engineering but is not a scientist. He is a paid PROPAGANDIST.
    CNN. Cocksuckers News Niggers

  9. Tawana Washington says:


  10. love fire says:

    bill nye is not a scientist… he is a clown with a bowtie

  11. Esther Batycki says:

    William Happer looked so stoic, respect.

  12. arthur pacheco says:

    Firstly, Bill is, as a matter of fact, a scientist. Get informed if you are not aware of the impact of his existence to the world.
    Secondly, it's not cool to be stupid. What's the matter with you people and all the hating and nonsense comments? Do you have such a comfortable life that your brain never really had to function (choosing the right coins in your pocket to pay for your Snickers and RedBull doesn't count, a baby can do it) beyond basic tasks.
    What's the matter with you people? It's painful to see. I might as well watch monkeys have a hysterical fight.
    But don't get offended. Think and change.
    Peace all.

  13. Ali Ejam says:

    William Happer is the only scientists there getting barrage of insults from fear mongering idiots. Is this the beginning of the end for the scientific movement in the US?

  14. powderkings says:

    Why is this 1000 year old man even in the conversation?

  15. Mark Robertson says:

    The title of the video should say, Bill Nye is destroyed by William Happer.
    Climate change is based off of flawed models. Besides, Bill Nye the lying guy is not a scientist, he's a mechanical engineer.

    There is no consensus:
    The Petition Project features over 31,000
    scientists signing the petition stating "There is no convincing
    scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth's atmosphere

  16. Kuruma Uzamaki says:

    Yes let's all believe bill nye who doesn't even have a degree in science he has a degree in mechanical engineering and you can't just put 97 people on at the same time to debate

  17. Lazio2009 says:

    Bill Nye is an asshole! Debate is essential for scientific discovery, his views cannot be debated bc he has too much money to make on climate change. I'm not saying I deny climate change I just think there needs to be more debate on it from actual scientists not an engineer actor comedian claiming to represent all scientists.

  18. wizzzer1337 says:

    CNN keep bringing those "Trump advisers" just to stoke the fire.

  19. morgan spencer says:

    invest in the sun and the wind bitches. but seriously

  20. BadPeople1100 says:

    Historically, the claim of consensus has been the first refuge of scoundrels; it is a way to avoid debate by claiming the matter is already settled. -Michael Crichton

  21. Joe D.oreo says:

    lol they just told you how to save money on not buying multiple systems and then they start bashing them about how its not going to save you money n then well it will save you money but not ALL the money lol they contradict themselves so fucking much its hilariously aggravating

  22. Joe D.oreo says:

    ian you retarded fuck…. him saying you guys raised the price of a game made you think he was like talking shit on you b.c your the biggest douche with a mic when the normal person would probly see it as almost a compliment like you have enough reach to just talk about somthing and it get popular lol, why the fuck did he go straight to hate? telling u every vid i hate him more and more i hope his stomach explodes b4 he ever sees that gofund me money….begging lowlife pussy

  23. Joe D.oreo says:

    hahaha wow man these dudes should have left this one just to the pod… or edit it out of that even the first min pat goes bashing CNN so hard with funny voices and then reads the sources and basically almost shuts himself up to the zelda refernce and then the 2 names he names hahaha… these dudes are pretty much entertaining half them being closed minded retards and the articles they start to TRY to talk about, its hilarious, every vid i watch gets worse and worse so kinda better and better, once again stfu ian…..

  24. Lachlan Brown says:

    I hate it when I got a yard sale and someone has an n64 and they want $400 because, "oh these are really rare".

  25. Lord Rayken says:

    Games do take a noticeable bump after they are discussed by ecelebs.

  26. sully 101 says:

    ian and pat don't rise the price , its the fucking idiots out bidding each other .

  27. Andrew Purvis says:

    Getting "hatefucked" sounds pretty hardcore, and potentially interesting, Ian, how is it? lol quote of the day from Ian "Now lick it and put it back." is that what you say to people while they hate fuck you? lol im just kiddin.

  28. geddoe316 says:

    when did collecting video games become such a judgmental, prickish, elitist thing to do?

  29. Moviefan2k4 says:

    I paid $20 for my gold-cart "Ocarina of Time", back in 2010 or so. I still have it, too.

  30. artao5 says:

    i wanted to buy Legend of Zelda and Metroid, and was disgusted to discover that the Pre-Played near me wanted FORTY bucks for Zelda, and 30 for Metroid
    <sigh> …. emulator it is then I guess 🙁

  31. mullein roots says:

    pat never again rub a cartridge like that or a nipple, i hate that so much, thank you

  32. SloppyPastrami says:

    I sold a bunch of my games there Just before I moved to China. Good guys, Good selection of stuff.

  33. lastburning says:

    I love Mahjong. That is all.

  34. Damien333 says:

    If its not your fault why are you apologizing?

  35. oasisbeyond says:

    Imagine in 100 years how much older systems will cost. Now it's ok, but imagine then. It will be so old and rare, I can't even imagine what gaming will be in 100 years. I guess it will start with VR, that will really change it. The entertainment industry as a whole will change. Can't wait for VR!

  36. Allan Adamson says:

    … you can still get games cheap.. I'm not a dick.. I was at a Pawn Shop and the guy.. granted it was a Sega copy.. had a Flinstones for $5 and offered to sell it to me for $3 and I said.. you should check the price on that.. and I used that to get a deal on some NES games.. he now has it at the pawn for $18 which, if you ask me, is still a great price and he said if I want it I can get it for $10.. I mean.. right now I'm not expanding my Sega collection really so..

  37. Hogo69 says:

    Can't believe he drinks those good beers out of the bottle and doesn't bother pouring them in a glass.

  38. JerelSTL says:

    Worry not about prices. The market will crash eventually when all of the original publishers start selling their old games for $1 and the NES generation gets older. Atari 2600 games prices crashed too, so it's only a matter of time. If you're buying games as an investment, then you're doing it wrong. No one spent $60 on Mario Maker this week expecting it to be $120 later on.

  39. SoilentGr33n says:

    Well as popular personalities you have a certain EFFECT on the games, but the word "fault" is a retarded term to use in this context.

    I know of no collecting scene that hasn't been complaining about this forever anyways, so it's just a matter of knowing why it happens and dealing with it.

    When Mattel opened up a website for Hot Wheels collectors, they went apeshit, but ultimately the Mattel tradeboards are where I got my most prized pieces for dirt cheap.

    It's the collector's job to FIND the deals, so if you don't like it you cannot blame the people who are making content about your hobby, because mainstream exposure always brings at least three things to the table :

    1. More opportunities for deals, albeit requiring more work.
    2. Price increase.
    3. Availability for those who don't mind the price increase.

    You have to work your way to number 1 and laugh at number 2 and 3.

  40. No Name says:

    What do you think about the Jimmy Kimmel Controversy? him making fun of watching video games being played like on twitch.

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