BLOGGING TIPS from a Full Time Blogger | What you need to know before you start a blog

Friday, April 19, 2019

I’ve been blogging for over nine years! Now it’s my full-time job, but I started it as a creative outlet while I was a freshman in college. It’s one of the most rewarding experiences, but starting one nowadays can seem like a daunting task. Here are my top tips for starting a blog.

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  1. sushmita sil says:

    Can i post the same content both in blog and on Instagram?

  2. Kenneth C. Agudo says:

    I started blogging since 2014 but I feel so lost along the way because of broad topics I write. Like I write anything! It happens like 3 times on different blog domain but last year I decided to focus on travel blog since I love traveling. Now I am really enjoying it. Anyways, very good tips. I just subscribed.


  3. T W says:

    Great! Thank you! I'm so excited! Any tips on protecting your intellectual property? Things having to do with copyright and your original ideas? Your name?I'm beginning blogging so I'd really appreciate it!

  4. Leslie Lopez says:

    do you have a blog? How do I start one, I love fitness and health and nutrition but like im not an expert in info about it , when you start blogging do you do research about your niche and then blog about it ? how does it work, and what site is great to create my blog

  5. Kymberlie Belfield says:

    I've had to learn this year when blogging I need to commit to a schedule. I've been so in and out of touch with my blog to a point i didn't care because I had so much with school and life going on. Every time I spread out the amount of blogging I do; I always tell my readers, "so very sorry, been out on long term health issues or school has kept me. I am still alive though!" I try to make my blog be about my personality, which is very sarcastic. I am having a hard time figuring out my writing style for my bogs. Any tips on that would be awesome. Im going for communication degree, so my writing style is very important for me.

  6. Simon Jurado says:


  7. Micah Hershey says:

    You are pretty 🙂

  8. Roger Romero says:

    great video, helped a lot

  9. Shawnee Craig says:

    Great tips! Thanks!

  10. Nisha Singh says:

    You have really a positive vibration…

  11. YaybyDay says:

    Yes, I like these ideas! I started a blog,, it's about mental health awareness and personal development. I create ebooks, study guides and more. It's easy money, everything is online. My website hosting costed $70 for the year w/ bluehost & WordPress. I get ad revenue when someone clicks on an ad and I get paid INSTANTLY via Paypal when someone buys an ebook. If you want to get started, this is how.

    Like she said, just go for it! I started out slow but things have picked up!
    #sidehustle #passiveincome

  12. Fake Tube says:

    amazing….osm video…..good job….

  13. Gen Eva says:

    Hey if your reading this please follow Geneva Fenty personal blog. It has my bitmoji as my main pics for now.

  14. Sophie Isaac says:

    Hey, I like your video I started a blog to help people with dyslexia. Because I have dyslexia. I wrote 7 posts..  My ideas are drying up. I wanted to write a post on teen pregnancy because I had my son very young and still got my degree but worry that my blog will get too personal. I connected my dyslexia and pregnancy in one of my post Any way if you have time please take a look at my blog

  15. Marley Baird Media says:

    You are a wealth of valuable information, knowledge, and wisdom! And with your experience, even more! Thank you for this video. Very well done 🙂

  16. maurice clark says:

    Blogging full time and for so long is so awesome. The struggle with blogging is the frustration on the first few months or even years.

  17. Money Gremlin says:

    Thank you for making this! I loved the 50 post concept. I had some many ideas for what I wanted to write about before I finally got started and I thought I was crazy.
    I just started my blog and would love if you checked it out 🙂

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