BRAND NEW Electroneum Article Released! Lets take a look!

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

BRAND NEW Electroneum Article Released! Lets take a look!

Today we look at an article released by Electroneum’s PR Manager Olivier Acuna!

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  1. PETER says:

    Please Ambrose help me to unlock my account. help this etn holder. talk with rechard at least ones about this locked accounts problem.

  2. Daily News says:

    Two year journey lol

  3. pinballrockstar says:

    i don't believe what i am seeing…new all time low….it is disgusting man…just disgusting..

  4. R K says:

    Make me a millionaire and use referral BFB25A thanks!

  5. James Bruce says:

    Etn is finished. No coming back now

  6. CaptainGaming says:

    ETN needs to implement a way for users to trade in their ETN to fiat pairings via their IOS and Android app.

  7. Xelius Gaming says:

    Anyone wanna use my referral code D8455E?
    I got like 56 Referrals

  8. Oliver Weber says:

    Good work 👍🏻

  9. CRYPTO DAD says:

    Would be nice to see ETN increase soon

  10. C Delorean says:

    ETN needs an ecosystem in the western world where the users are banked and can buy ETN. Giving away free ETN in poor countries in the meanwhile wont help. All the poor people are going to do is trade their free ETN back and forth. They cant buy additional ETN, theyll just rely on banked people to give their free ETN value by proxy.

  11. H Bomb says:

    Social media numbers are one thing but personally I’m more interested in the numbers from the South Africa trial. What the target numbers were and by how many they exceeded them as mentioned by Richard (despite how cumbersome the onboarding process was at the time). Seems odd that they hadn’t released that data given the trial is well and truly over.

    Viral growth is one thing, but that can be facilitated by the numbers of people spreading via social media outlets. (To some extent it can pretty much grow itself virally with enough hype behind it without much or any direct involvement).

    Given that Etn was on the ground in SA to assist with kicking off the trial. Wouldn’t that also be an indication of ETN’s achievements?, given that it was an undertaking they were directly involved in?.

  12. SKILLFULL 7 says:

    Nice video thanks for the analysis

  13. Luke Hampshire says:

    Good to see you back man

  14. Dennis Markakis says:

    Volume is so pathetically low. It's going to take FOREVER to get back to ICO price if this thing ever starts moving forward again…

  15. Jonathan Middleton says:

    They better start thinking about turning a profit. They only have 26 million left from the ICO. Gorman was paid over 230k in btc.

  16. p b says:

    Electroneum is a sleeping giant……

  17. Miss J says:

    anyone know the other NGO's etn is working with besides rockefeller connected ubuntu pathways? and what the hell is a trusted miner? sounds like facebook trusted partner or trusted flaggers program.

  18. Christopher Koumi says:

    A fantastic article well worth a read! Electroneum are ticking all the boxes! Nice 1 Mick! 👌

  19. Attila Szabo says:

    Never stop to inform us!!💪🏻

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