Bullet Journal Header and Title Ideas | Plan With Me

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Bullet Journal Header and Title Ideas | Plan With Me

Headers and titles are crucial to your bullet journal—they’re the first thing you see when you open it, after all! Cute headers and titles can seriously take your bullet journal up a notch. They’re also so easy to make pretty, so if your artistic skills are a little lacking, they’re the perfect way to add some beauty to your pages! In this episode of Plan With Me, Margaret goes over 40 (!!!) different header and title styles, so every single page of your bullet journal can look as unique as you are.

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  1. It’s Janica uwu says:

    Please don’t judge cuz i’m french…
    What is the header?

  2. Michelle xo says:

    To everyone saying they “dont have any artistic ability” you do!!! You just have to find it!! I never thought I did but I started bullet journalling and I have been more artistic then I thought I ever could be

  3. Isabella Santucci says:

    I rly want to do bullet journaling, where did u get yours? Love this video!!!

  4. Varun Mishra says:

    u remind me of margret in horrid henry

  5. minerva ortiz says:

    Margaret your awesome!!!!

  6. Anwen Wong says:

    The difference of tittle and header? I'm confused

  7. Lizzie McGuire says:

    What’s is the pink marker called I’m in love with it and want to get it

  8. max says:

    the fact that a tutorial was needed for like half of these makes me really question how much creativity some yall lack

  9. Queen Tanya says:

    I really missed Noelle but still margret is really good as well

  10. Alex the Unicorn says:

    “Write your title in large lower case letters”

  11. Gracie Burns says:

    What colour markers and pen do you use in this video I really really need them @Margaret At Seventeen

  12. Leila S says:

    Great Video it heller at mine

  13. Ale Najarro says:


  14. Fatima tariq says:

    Omg where is Noelle

  15. George4All says:

    I am not unique so, does that mean that my bullet journal is not unique!

  16. Aylin Frzn says:

    What pen do u use?

  17. Medisa B.A. says:

    OMG, you're very creative😊I'm jealous of you!

  18. Foo Zee Yann says:

    Margaret is AWESOME at drawing…

  19. Brielle K. says:

    Do different types of mood trackers!

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