Bullied to Death in America’s Schools

Thursday, March 17, 2016

160,000 children stay home from school out of fear of being bullied.
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  1. Camelia Vela says:

    Btw never go to Murray the school where Tyler died

  2. Camelia Vela says:

    He died omg

  3. YouTube YouTuber says:

    Tbh, this is all American school!!, bullying isn't okay!!!

  4. MerryboyyGamer says:

    I sometimes stay home because of bullies/being bullied.
    I've been teased by the same student since first grade.
    The adults at my school don't do shit when they tell me they do.
    If they did, it would have stopped by now.
    But no, our principle isn't going to do crap to solve this problem.
    They're ignorant twats.
    If you're experiencing this problem too, I hope it will come to an end.
    The usual reason why kids bully others is because they're abused at home &/or something is going on at home for them.
    They possibly even have a crush on you.
    Maybe they're not accepted by others because of their gender identity & sexuality.
    Maybe they do it because they like causing others pain.

    I'm just throwing some reasons out there.

  5. Linda Smith says:

    Being bullied is one of the most horrific things a child can go through. Parents, if your child is being bullied, please consider pulling them out of school and home schooling them.

  6. Josh Rimmer says:

    I'm being bullied at school but the administration said suck it up your jest stupid and paranoid then said get your privileged ass out of here fuck them

  7. Deon Tannock says:

    those little fuck s better get screwed

  8. Joshua Peterson says:

    Globally ban Bullying (face to face style).
    Online bullying though…
    that's another battle.

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  10. Jonathan Luck says:

    I have Autism myself. And it was very difficult when I was in elementary school. What I have learned is to fight whatever you are being made fun of. If you are getting bullied, find help as soon as possible. You need to talk to people who will understand you.

  11. Kelly St. Clair says:

    Omg. ..im so sorry. ..have you heard of Stand For The Silent? my friend and her husband had a son that completed suicide. .horrible. god bless you

  12. PkGamingRage says:

    When someone bullies you, stand up, and talk back. Don't just stand there being sad, you should Stand Up. Maybe you are depressed, well guess what? You go to that bully, and you tell him to stop, and if he doesn't stop, get a teacher. (Unless your school is shit and doesn't give a fuck.)

  13. William charlie says:

    Feel better R.IP that's not right

  14. GamingWith Vlad says:

    Nice! my dad's gonna buy me a taser then!

  15. Engine-43 MR. LittIe Bear says:

    Also fuck schools because I also got bullied there and teachers did nothing if they're going to have school shootings they should shoot teachers for not doing their jobs even teachers believe me and I'm sick of that shit that's why I stopped school at the age of 19 because I couldn't take no more they taught me nothing you people out there need to teach your stupid kids and you schools need to do your job stop pulling in now 

  16. Engine-43 MR. LittIe Bear says:

    I got bullied my entire life to the fullest extent I couldn't go nowhere without getting bullied Edward get boxed in by kids I'd have to throw my change money at them just to get them off my back I would get cornered in a old baseball dugout and had to make myself sick to get them to go away I'm now 33 years old and mentally Rowland and physically I have no friends no girlfriends and I don't trust people no more the President of the United States should have made boiling a Class A felony…. bullies set in prison for one year if not longer the President of the United States sits on his ass and doesn't give a shit he should get assassinated getting bullied is not funny at all and I'm getting tired of it now I hate my life because of being bullied so I hope people out there are happy to bully people because it mentally destroy the person you people don't get it teach your stupid kids how to shut their mouth and have respect or they should put the paddle back in the schools and beat the shit out of kids parents don't do their job schools don't do their job somebody needs to do something now 

  17. CaseyTM says:

    This superintendent is a bitch. The school should expel these kids. That is murder not "bullying".

  18. tommytheterrible says:

    My school

    Parents: My kid is being bullied
    School: Oh boys will be boys.
    Parent: He's telling my child to kill herself!
    School: Um…
    Parent: Make him lose his sports privileges.
    School: What? We can't do that it's something he enjoys.
    Parent: Then that's good punishment.
    School: We can't do anything.

    School policy. All bulling could lead to them being suspended or expelled. What does my school do? NOTHING!

    My mom isn't listening to me when I need to leave my school. She's saying "You've been going to that school since kindergarten! You only have to finish seventh grade and eighth. You can't run away from your problems." And I'm like "Well, I'm depressed, I've developed social anxiety, I also had a huge anxiety attack after returning to school once, and I don't want to be alive anymore."

    My school is stupid. It's also a Lutheran private school that's broke as hell and makes parents pay a lot of money per year per kid.

  19. Chris Scar says:

    I've heard of bullies that kill their own victims. It's true.

  20. Maggie Hernandez says:

    it's a shame that an awesome student like Tyler had to leave the world

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