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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

How to Manage Time With 10 Tips That Work

Are you working on clock time or ‘real’ time? Learn how to manage your day by understanding the difference with these 10 time management tips. Read more at:

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  1. G.I. JANE says:

    What an adorable and informative video. Thank you!

  2. ibarix says:

    Wow, blown away by that idea that we shouldn't schedule by the clock. Brilliant insight.

  3. Kasun Fernando says:

    good one


    I also speak about time management on my channel. Have a look :)))

  5. Christopher Rosario says:

    1) Carry a schedule and record all your thoughts and activities for a week
    Results? Wasted time?
    2) any activity or conversation important to success should have a time assigned to it
    – Beginning : end
    3) 50% engaged in thoughts activities and conversations that produce most of your results
    4) schedule time for interruptions
    5) take first 30 minutes of every day to plan your day don't start till you complete your plan
    6) 5 minutes before every call to decide what result you want to attain
    And after to determine if desired results were achieved
    7) do not disturb sign
    8) practice no response just because
    9) block out distractions like social media unless you use the tools for business
    10) 20% of thoughts activities and conversations produce 80% of your results

  6. Azucena R says:


  7. MrTim207 says:

    Strange positioning for this video, if everything we've ever learnt and the technology we use is useless then how can we follow these tips? Planning, prioritising, then scheduling can be done using technology to support you.

  8. Random Sounds says:

    Currently watching this while I should be doing homework

  9. Alessandro Buccella says:

    Great tips to becoming a well oiled and obidient robot….

  10. Steven A. says:

    This video is a waste of time.

  11. Soni Rughani says:


  12. Sajila Sajal says:

    some situations are not make time management i want to mange my time but its good way to teach time management

  13. srivathsan rs says:

    most important time is THE TIME U WISH TO SCHEDULE UR SCHEDULE……

  14. Katrina Coward says:

    I agree my problem is giving everyone my attention have to learn to clock my time in real time

  15. Abdulrahman Alalwani says:

    after 13 years study and working hardly I just reliaze that I haven't achieve 30 % of my goals due to lack of time management
    it is a great videos

  16. Chaitanya Naik says:

    too good video

  17. Nandini Sharma says:

    Great tips. Also track your time is the most important aspects when it comes to time management. Tracking your time will accurately reveal how you spend your day and will help you improve your work patterns. You need to know what needs fixing before you start fixing it. You can use online time tracking software – ProofHub to track your time.

  18. Gaming Tech says:

    nice video

  19. Katrin Gabitova says:


  20. Veritosophy says:

    important tip I can give to anyone:
    Exchange sleep quantity for sleep quality. Do your research on everything to improve sleep quality, eg lots of light exposure during the day, exercise, finding the best time of the night to be asleep, sleep hygiene, etc.

    After doing this I naturally sleep 6.5 hours from 7.5-8, I gain about 11 hours/week and feeling much better.

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