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Monday, October 31, 2016

The commodities market has always been one of risk. With the prices for oil and gas skyrocketing many wonder if it’s a good time to buy oil and gas royalty. Rest assured that this is generally a profitable niche to pursue. If you are in the market to buy oil and gas royalty than the information provided here will be of great benefit to you.

Investors who buy oil and gas royalty all know one thing, that they need to assess the profitability of direct investment against the possibility of an indirect and less risky approach such as a mutual fund that specializes in energy concerns. In the world of investing safer usually means less risk and as a result less reward.

To buy oil and gas royalty outright does pose some unique risks but these risks can be offset by other incentives afforded it. These incentives are primarily related to tax advantages that no mutual fund could match. If you are going the direct route and you are opting to receive royalties as opposed to a partnership.

Be aware that those investors who choose to buy oil and gas royalty are doing so with one thing to remember. You will have some ownership entitlement to the land that contains the oil or gas. This is where the help of a good real estate agent can be of great value. Find an agent that focuses on such deals and they will be able to locate properties that meet your requirements.

Be sure to ask about the differences between any properties that you are considering for investment. Consider the amount of oil and gas that is currently being produced from the site. Is it enough to justify you putting in a large lump sum? You must make sure that you understand every detail of each property before you decide on one. Once you have made your choice you will have to see it through until you can put it back on the market. Buying oil and gas royalties is not for the faint of heart.

Once a site is found you must then go through the process of negotiating a deal with the owners of the property. In many cases a brokerage can facilitate this need and make the negotiating more streamlined. You can also choose to make the deal in person if you want to get a sense of whom you are contracting with. In any case you will want to contact your accountant and make sure that you are protected from any impending liabilities of such a deal.

The idea behind a buy oil and gas royalty strategy is to turn a profit with as little effort on your part as possible. By finding a real estate agent who specializes in such deals you are sure to find the right opportunity. Involving your accountant will protect your assets during the deal while using a brokerage will make the process run smoothly.

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