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Friday, November 6, 2015

Choosing a back up solar generator may seem like a difficult task. This can be especially true when you complete a quick search on the net and find that there are hundreds of companies offering back up solar generators. You may even feel a bit proplexed when you find out there are even more models to choose from than there are sales companies. However, choosing the best solar powered generators does not have to be a weekend project or a long winded talk. With the answers to a few quick questions you can narrow the list considerably and get on the road to self sustainability. Consider the following questions you need to answer before you purchase your solar back up generator make your generator purchase.

Solar Generators Are Good For?

The reason for buying a generator will change from family to family. Generators are commonly used as a back up power source during disasters, an additional power source for job sites, or for a source of additional energy to be used alongside another power source. If you are in need of a generator you will use once a year when the power goes out, you need something very different than what a contractor would need for a job site.

What Are You Looking For In A Solar Generator?

Once you determine what you need a back up power source for you next have to decide what you want to get out of the generator. Would you rather have a system that turns on automatically when the power goes out? Do you want to go out in cold weather and hook the system up? Do you need a portable generator that you can move from home to home or would you prefer a back up solar generator that stays in the same spot all the time? How much wattage from your solar powered generators? For example, would you like to ensure that your lights and heat continue to function, or do you want to consume the same amount of power you do from your traditional power source?

How Much Should I Spend on a Generator?

Solar generators can vary in price by hundreds and some in the thousands. Several factors, including the ones formerly talked about, will affect the price. However, as with any product it is possible to find great deals or discounted prices. In any case you can expect to pay from $ 1400 to $ 7500 dollars for your back up generators. Of course a higher end product will produce more power than a lower end piece.

What About Warranties?

When searching for solar powered generators you should always consider the warranty that is offered. However, you also want to consider where you will have the repair completed if something goes wrong. While some companies will offer a local repair shop, others require you to return the product to a factory or repair center for service. Investigate your options before you make a purchase.

Generator Sizes

A backup solar generator is designed to provide a certain amount of power in the event of an emergency. For example the Power Source 1800 will provide enough power to run your garage doors, alarms, refrigerator, microwave and also some sump pump. In an office environment the Power Source 1800 will power fax machines, phone systems, computers, printers

Why are Solar Powered Back-Up Generators Better then Other Types?

If you are still thinking between solar generators or fuel powered models there are many things to remember. When purchasing a gas or diesel powered unit you have to include the expense of fue. If you plan to use the unit for several years to come this cost could add up significantly. In addition, gas and diesel powered units have a direct impact on the atmosphere. If you are in search of a safer, planet friendly source of power solar power is the way to go. You also have to take into account the amount of time it will take to set up your equipment and the amount of time you will spend on maintenance. Before powering up a gas powered generator you first have to fuel the equipment and start it up. This could include tugging on a rope several times to start the unit. You will also need to maintain the unit during periods it will not be used. Some models cannot sit for months with fuel in the tank. However, a solar option does not require add fuel or drain it. It is simply ready to use whenever you are ready.

Final Words

As you can see there are many things you want to consider when buying back up generators. However, with a little planning and forethought you can find the equipment you need and provide power for your family if there is ever an emergency.

My recommendation

Do you believe it would cost less or more in a two year period for a solar generator than a gas powered one? You probably understand that paying each time is a bad option when you have an option to never pay again for power, dont you think? Do you believe that you could avoid fuels? When you have broken down these issues, you will find your answer.

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