Cal-Earth’s Sustainable Architecture

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The California Institute of Earth Architecture hopes their Superadobe construction technique may be applied to more traditional contemporary homes found throughout SoCal suburbs.

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  1. Nicky T says:

    So beautiful!

  2. apprendtoutletmps says:

    j'adore !

  3. Zia Zaidi says:

    natural and impressive

  4. Jk Nm says:

    keep it up. it's a no brainer.

  5. Boundaries says:

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  6. Hugues-Bernard Saulnerond says:

    this is priceless and truly impress

  7. Gregori Robinson says:


  8. Neil Philpott says:

    I'm curious about this method in areas with more humidity/rainy conditions. How about middle Tn and Ky?  Would there be issues with mildew, leaks, etc?  As well, I'm assuming the heat index is fairly good and could keep one warm in the colder winters.

  9. Quran Math says:

    You people are blessed by our Creator. He says, “Whether you chop a tree or leave it standing on its trunk is in accordance with God's will, in order for Him to humiliate the wicked.” (Quran 59:5) The consequences of cutting those tress and building our houses with, are messing up the green house gas, and bringing disasters upon ourselves like tornados, floods, and hurricane and earthquakes to wipe out our wrong doings. That means our Creator does not like that as He mentioned above.

  10. Chris Lohle says:

    i want to do this! what a quality house! 

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