Cambridge English Proficiency Certificate (CPE) // Results, Experience + Advice!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Because a couple of people requested me to do this video here it is: My experience with the Cambridge English Proficiency Certificate (CPE) exam which tests for level C2 in English, aka native speaker level. I share my own results as well as some thoughts I have on standardized testing in general and on this exam in particular. I also try to give a few tips as to where to find study materials and what the tricky parts of the exam are. If you have anything to add or any further questions, please leave it in the comments! xx

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  1. C'est Annika says:

    I took the CPE exam last month and got my results back today and I received a Pass at Grade A! I'm still over the moon, it really is a dream come true xx your video helped me a lot!

  2. Davide Selvi says:

    I got my CAE certificate 2 months ago! It was the first time I attempted to take that exam and my overall score was 185 points! I just think that this kind of exam is just too formal; I mean, the results you get are not precisely directed to your ACTUAL level of english!!! Hence if you get this certificate and you don't get the results you hoped…….. Don't worry!! You don't have to take this kind of exam to prove your english is good!!! And by the way: I own a university degree in English language and literature!!!!

  3. Dany Fernandes says:

    What's your nationality?

  4. Łazik Marsjanski says:

    Wow amazing accent! Congrats!

  5. English with Faizan says:

    Would you like to make joint videos?

  6. English with Faizan says:


  7. Butterfly Unicorn says:

    There’s an important thing you forgot to mention. I took the CPE last year and I failed the reading part because I wasn’t able to manage my time. Don’t forget to be quick guys. (I failed the whole exam because of the reading part… i need two more points 😭)

  8. Emily BH says:

    Someone, especially a native English speaker at a C2 level should not begin a subject with "So". Also it is incorrect to use "request me" together and you should know it is never good to begin a sentence with "Because". Rather I would have said "Since a couple of people requested that I do this video, here it is:…" A better way to convey the same thing would be to not use "request" at all and instead say, " "Since a couple of people asked me to do the video……" .

  9. António Frazão Mendes says:

    This exam and the entire Cambridge teaching system is a ploy of the worst. Students overpay and receive almost nothing. Teachers are square-minded, and this whole system of evaluation is of blatant imbecility. It is all a matter of luck if one is able to hit on some multiple choice issues. Nothing shows what the student really knows and there is no continuous assessment so that the student can become aware of their evolution.

  10. Marck 1492 says:

    Did you study by yourself for the test and how long have you been studying English ?

  11. mitotianiMartin says:

    Great vid! I am glad you share my opinion on IELTS, it's just about money. However, I am not entirely sure that they would accept the Cambridge exam if you were to apply for a job in the UK. They require specifically IELTS.

  12. giovane holden says:

    Thanks for the precious tips!

  13. -Amyyy - says:

    Is cpe accepted to universities in the us?

  14. Joaquin Rodriguez says:

    Such a beautiful girl

  15. Silvia Ariza says:

    Holaaaaa !
    I loved your video. I'm about to sit the exam in 3 days and I'm very worried about my grammar and use of English part . However I feel quite confident on the rests of the parts which are the speaking , the listening a and the writing.
    Is there any video in where you explain your experience in grammar and use of English? And how you managed to pass it?

  16. Cesar Santibanez says:

    Wow u very intelligent, my love

  17. Cesar Santibanez says:

    Mmmm hot

  18. Challenges' Hunter says:

    Did you ever consider teaching English abroad ?

  19. Challenges' Hunter says:

    Hi Daniela! Where are you from ?

  20. smurfynet hcm says:

    That's crazy. You are at native English level in speaking and I'm sure your reading is the same. I wouldn't waste any more time taking these tests. They are obviously not valid.

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