Can Science Save Football?

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Can the NFL’s concussion epidemic be fixed? Or will america’s #1 sport eventually disappear?

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Raising Concussion Awareness
NFL should just get rid of the “most dangerous play”
Brain Imaging: Tackling Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

The leftist, liberals, and American news media are determined to neuter football in the United States. Recently there have been a multitude of articles decrying the injuries to professional football players. They are lamenting the sport should be less injurious to the players and exploring various options. Why?

Those who join football teams do so willingly and know the possibility of injuries. If they are willing to take the risk why is it the concern of these busy bodies, self-appointed do-gooders? Simple: just another step down to road to feminizing the United States, feminized America. Reduce or eliminate injuries in football, then women will be able to play the sport professionally. Welcome to feminized America.

The NFL – National Football League is being bombarded with these demands and inquires along with caterwauling about some of the team names: example: “Redskins.”

In this effort to weaken, and feminize America the United States Marine Corps (USMC) is under attack from the Obama Regime (President Obama). The regime wants to change the iconic hat worn by the men in the USMC since 1922 dubbed “Dan Daly” hat. The regime is favoring a unisex hat similar to the one current lady Marines wear, the new one being labeled a glorified porter’s cap.

This being done to erase the man centered USMC to reduce the effectiveness by feminizing this honored American institution since 1775.

Football article referenced in this video:

List articles in reference to head injuries in football:

Related USMC hat articles:

Here is the USMC explaining away this story as not being true:

Link to Texas Daddy store:

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  1. alflurin says:

    I'm curious if this also occurs in rugby players…. ??

  2. Robin Sen says:

    Simple answer, science can indeed save [American] football: let Americans use guns during games. Advantages: 1) more violent, dramatic, and simple (three pillars of American "culture"), 2) would make games quicker, 3) it would liberate intelligent Americans to play other, better, sports like rugby and football.

  3. Robin Sen says:

    I clicked on this thinking that we would hear about football (the international sport in which players, mainly, use their feet, hence FOOTball, as opposed to rugby (football), Australian rules football, Gaelic football or even American football. Shame that the video was mistitled!

  4. Blood Angel says:

    The real problem football is facing is that younger people simply aren't interested in it. When the audience goes away, so does the money, and the game itself shortly after.

  5. Andrew Resler says:

    Most stupid sport is the most popular. As usual.

  6. Max Deng says:

    There has been growing evidence that cte isn't caused by concussions per se, but instead by many sub concussive hits. There have cases of cte in players without any record of concussions. It's quite misleading to say that if we prevent concussions with new helmets/rules then we can prevent cte in football players.

  7. Mike Hodson says:

    The Jetsons predicted it back in 1962. Football, if it is to survive, will be played by robots.

  8. Jesus Gonzalez says:

    And those that sit here defending soccer are completely okay with what happened in the 2014 fifa world cup final

  9. ArcSmith says:

    A kid in my boy scout troop received a concussion during a football practice, he died later that night. He was still in middle school. It isn't just long term.

  10. Douglas Page says:

    Why didn't you mention Dr. Bennet Omalu or the movie Concussion?

  11. SidV101 says:

    Football is fucked, if you know anything about physics and football you know that crumple zones don't do anything to prevent the rapid deceleration caused by impacts to the body, which make up 90% of football impacts (contact to the head is against the rules in most instances)

    I fucking love the sport btw

  12. Justin O'Brien says:

    Fire hazard: Scroll up: Too many strawmen in the comment section.

  13. MrKool951 says:

    This channel is criminally underrated. Thank-you for all your work.

  14. Teri Scallon says:

    Always good stuff

  15. Nat Hoeft says:

    For the kickoff issue, in Canada the CFL has a rule that the player receiving the kick must be given at least 5 yards to catch the ball before you can tackle. If you are within the zone and he catches the ball in the air it's a 15 yard penalty, if it has bounced then its only a 5 yard penalty. I think it helps with the devastating full speed hits that the returner would receive. It also means no fair-catch rule, so that actually adds to the excitement level as we have more real returns per game. But our field is also wider too.

  16. redpanda nuggetvlogs says:

    To sub to my channel

  17. Michael Mantion says:

    there are at least 3 drugs I know of who have little or no known side affects that dramatically decrease long term damage to the brain after head trauma. NONE of them are currently approved by the FDA, which means doctors must use them off label. There is no effort to find new drugs and little effort to test current ones. Keep in mind if these drugs were used in football they could also be used in non football head injuries, like accidents or attacks (Michael Clanton)

  18. cuallito says:

    Just make impacts/tackles involving the head illegal?

  19. Александр Михайлов says:

    maybe just stop do the thing that makes you die-die?

  20. Frank Mcdougall says:

    estroginic things in food water crap

  21. Frank Mcdougall says:

    in the air water media food and now this feminization this is too bad they want us to become sexless creature girls want to men and boys wants tobe girls the world gettng crazier

  22. SirLGM says:

    I do agree with you about feminizing football. People should know that football well get you hurt sooner or later. I got nothing against raising the awareness of long term injuries because I believed they have been ignored. However I do not turning football in touch fotball

  23. Tony Marano says:

    Happy to help you Joe.

  24. Joe402 says:

    Talking about crippling injuries in the NFL is "bad" and literally communism. Thanks for letting me know this.

  25. PampyO says:

    Thank you for the video upload. I think that feminism breaks a nation, human-race civilization, and mind. And, the quality for which a woman asks a man is the same from the time of ancient times. But feminism forces change of only the quality for which a man asks a woman.

  26. Tony Marano says:

    It is probably hidden somewhere in the over two-thousand pages of Obamacare.

  27. yuubokumin415 says:

    Texas Oyaji, in Japan the American style Liberalism has been growing in Japan recently. The women have been getting stronger in Japan and this is could be one of the reasons our birth rate is really bad now.

  28. round about midnight says:


    Take down this crummy video its a disgrace. You slander the United States based on lies and bury the truth in a description nobody reads.

  29. Perdomot says:

    I'm waiting for them to classify testosterone as a banned substance.

  30. Tony Marano says:

    Maybe that's because I already had a link in the description reporting that. So please don't hold your breathe and I won't hold my breath waiting for you to make an effort to view a description.

  31. round about midnight says:

    Once again, Tony, you've got it wrong. USMC shot down this bogus rumor:

    I won't hold my breath waiting for you to thank me for setting you straight once again.

  32. Tonya Maxwell says:

    Thanks Tony, so wish we could go back to the 70's when you knew a man was a man… I don't date because I don't care for the new males, even the ones my age are like having a "girlfriend" …. so sad.

  33. Johnny Jaruwan says:

    I noticed this kind of stuff back when I was in the Army luckily I didn't have to expirence this "Stress Cards"What a joke!

  34. archersfriend says:

    Equal Treatment my Ass. Libs want SPECIAL and Preferred Treatment always. They bring Whine and moan to the table with out providing any Cheese.

  35. empacae says:

    American style liberals are just recycled old soviet leftist commies.

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