Car accidents Fatal car crashes Brutal Car Crash Compilation!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

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  1. violet obley says:


  2. ItzFusion says:

    2:53 holy crap you basicly see the guy die what the fuck

  3. Ricky Bachman says:

    Never drive with a clump of cars. Never. Keep your distance, arrive 5 minutes late than usual and you better your chances.

  4. jim 678 says:

    scary shit

  5. Siam Restaurant says:

    The mother picking up the infant in the first… Jesus christ

  6. Siam Restaurant says:

    Truly horrendous

  7. BeautyGamer1 says:

    ….Russia…sighs JUst why?…

  8. Mario Lara says:

    u think u know the real thing till it actually happens

  9. Dani Mazy says:


  10. Vincent Akins says:

    pray for the dude at 3:05

  11. iiDavid says:

    i never buy me a car

  12. mikakami93 says:

    aw man 1st tape so sad baby died cruel parents

  13. Britmatt81 says:

    worst drivers ever. how did they pass there test ?

  14. Hatok20 says:

    It's no wonder why all their cars and trucks look so stupid, and old…

  15. GamleErik100 says:

    1:37 "Surprise, muthafucka!"

  16. Ramiak8 says:

    3:00 u cant cheat death

  17. F'er MaGee says:

    What was the guy in the motor bike thinking!!!! People and their fucking EGO's!!!!!!

  18. Andrew Wilson says:

    A combination of driving too fast and being total fuckwits!

  19. rosa rey marssó says:

    ….¡¡¡¡Peor ya que en EE.UU. Norte América!!!

  20. rosa rey marssó says:


  21. masterflotti says:

    You noob make a 2 minute video but the main thing is in the last 5 seconds? If I search videos from car crashes I must search only in russia because it seems  the russian can not drive.

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