Career Options For Biology Graduates

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Having a Biology degree opens doors to many career choices. Here are some of the common paths that Biology graduates take.

For a person with a Masters or Doctorate degree, and is interested in working in laboratory settings, they can become research biologists. For those with a Bachelors degree and wishes to start out with some experience in this field, they can opt to become lab technicians as they have gained research experiences during their college degree. The Bachelors degree basically provides a good Biology entry background so that they can enter graduate school into a more specialized field. Research biologists can study in detail anything that is alive, although they would usually have a specialized field they ventured into, such as botany, zoology, or even microbiology.

If teaching and biology is the passion, one can become a biology or science teacher or lecturer. In order to pursue this career, they will need to attain a teaching license in addition to their Biology degree. Certainly, the Biology degree salary for a Biology teacher will be higher than one without that specialized education.

A career option for animal lovers would be that of a veterinarian. Veterinarians are doctors for animals. One can start ahead to get into this line is to go for internships or take jobs to do with animal care. Communication classes can also come in handy as they will constantly need to be able to talk to the patients owners about their condition and how to promote recovery. Veterinary school will take another four years after their biology degree school.

On the other hand, if one biologist has a knack for writing, they could become science writers. Science writers typically research and inform their target audience online or on print about scientific discoveries, facts, theories, or anything related at all. In a way, they are the ones who can relay scientific terms to the laypeople, or if they are writing for the niche field, write to provide informational to the readers.

There are many other jobs available for biology degree holders. Nevertheless, the biology degree salary will vary according to the type of job one works as. But the common trend is that those with higher degrees like a Masters or Doctorate will have higher salary. Regardless, work hard into your interest and you will definitely go far in the field.

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