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BBC News 22 December 2014 Beefing up Botswana's cattle farming

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In just 3 years from being one of the world’s largest importers of pork, Russia is now aiming to export its pork.


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Foundation of agriculture remains weak, long-term constraints have not yet eradicated, and some will further increase, new conflicts and problems have appeared, some difficult to predict, 2010 will be a complex and difficult year.

In the just-concluded central conference on rural work, the central leadership pointed out that once in 2009, facing a major test of natural disasters, and unusual fluctuations in domestic and international markets for agricultural products adversely affected, “three rural” the difficulties, tenacious struggle to consolidate and develop the good situation of agriculture in rural areas, in order to expand domestic demand and promote economic recovery provides a basis to better support.

In response to continuing financial crisis in relations Key Time, agricultural and rural economic development still faces many new contradictions and problems, in particular, in industrialization and urbanization are accelerating under the influence of the external environment, agriculture and rural economy, complex, internal constraints highlighted. 6 years in a row to maintain a fruitful starting point to continue to increase production of food more difficult to achieve stable and rapid development of agriculture and rural economy compound the challenges. Therefore, efforts to increase urban and rural development and consolidate the “three rural” development based on expansion of domestic demand for growth in the entire country of great significance.

Five weak links to be solved Although the harvest of grain
2009, but cotton candy and other industrial raw materials feed crop production has declined, from one aspect that the current situation facing agriculture and rural development is still very severe, a heavier workload, the situation is not optimistic.

Agricultural production less efficient. Mainly because of the current production of a large number of rural households diversify agricultural production efficiency is low, the individual peasant economy against market risks and natural disasters is clearly insufficient. With the current industrialization and urbanization, the family dispersed organizational form of production operations by the challenges of market economy, individual peasant economy of resources, information and all aspects of agricultural market and price fluctuations in supply and demand severe asymmetry, leading to more efficiency in agricultural production declining trend. In this situation, part of the decline in agricultural production, decline in agricultural production, agricultural issues such as excessive price fluctuations may occur at any time. Imports of agricultural products and agricultural products in international market price fluctuations will also impact agricultural production.

Agricultural products are difficult not been effectively resolved. History of the world economy, with agricultural science and technology, including seed, fertilizer, Agricultural Machinery And other agricultural technology development and application of agricultural labor productivity reaches a certain level, agricultural production and agricultural surplus as the outstanding problems, which include the United States, France and other developed countries in the process of agricultural development occurred in recent years My problem is the variety of agricultural products are difficult to reflect this economic laws at work. Agriculture in the 90’s, after solving the food problem in the new century, the main problem facing the problem of excess agricultural products, if not properly solved, is bound to happen, “grain prices are low farmers.” The issue will directly affect the peasants producing, waste agricultural resources. Therefore, the development of modern agriculture in addition to ensuring the supply of agricultural products, the regulation of agricultural resources to increase the scientific and attach importance to agricultural products are difficult to solve the problem.

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Information Technology in Agriculture

Today’s State of affairs

Agriculture is the world which continues to take a seat on the driving force’s seat and will remain so forever as long as we tend to don’t dispose of stomachs; Therefore it becomes fairly important for any reform or revolution to address this sector and in this race data technology has been the front runner.

Info technology has led from the front in the information sharing process among the Agro scientists, Engineers, Farmers and Students. Because of the core dependency of information technology on Web might have restricted the reach of the knowledge but scenario will not remain so for long.

Currently scientists from everywhere the globe collaborate over the web, for sharing the information concerning the research on land fertility, seed hybridization, reducing the person efforts and making the farming environment less challenging and value effective.

Future Guidelines

In an edition of “The economist”, I encountered one thing that might trigger anxiety in anyone when it states “1974 Henry Kissinger, then America’s secretary of state, told the first world food conference in Rome that no child would go to bed hungry inside ten years. Just over 35 years later, within the week of another United Nations food summit in Rome, 1 billion people will move to bed hungry. This failure, already dreadful, could soon get worse. Not one of the underlying agricultural issues that produced a spike in food costs in 2007-08 and increased the quantity of hungry individuals has gone away. Between currently and 2050 the planet’s population can rise by a third, but demand for agricultural merchandise can rise by seventy%.” Usual business is not going to higher the estimates, as the panacea lies in the utmost involvement of information technology in agricultural research and data transfer.

Agriculture sector has stood against the time and achieved green, white, yellow, blue and cyber revolutions over the time.

Availability of information and effectively using this info is crucial for successful economic development. Data concerning skilled suggestions, material inputs, financial support, technological innovations and changing market conditions have huge impact on agriculture equally as the case with any alternative sector.

How well the Agriculture involves info technology in itself, can play a significant role in determining the longer term well being of those that have direct dependency on agriculture for livelihood, especially in developing countries like India.

In this context, it is most prudent to increase the advantages of IT to agriculture and to not underestimate the tremendous growth potential to be unleashed during this sector.

Sovereigns of all the countries must take moves so as to mobilize farmers, scientists, institutions and organizations for promoting involvement of Information Technology in Agriculture.

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