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From Bubble nails to rainbow swirls, here are the 10 biggest nail art fails ever. Lol! Subscribe:
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Nail art fails can be totally hilarious. After all, when there’s a nail art expectation and reality comparison, you can’t help but notice the glaring mistakes. There are so many beautiful examples of stunning nail art on Pinterest and Instagram that it can inspire many an amateur to have a go themselves. But like so many things that we try ourselves, DIY nail art is not easy. Sure, the pros make it look simple, especially when they share nail art tutorials, but the result can all too often be a nail art epic fail of huge proportions. Just like these 10 beauties we’ve found.

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Awesome work by Kerby Rosanes
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It may seem to a lot of people aspiring to develop ease in writing that so many articles are devoid of purpose in as much as the aim is not stated. Nothing is farther from the truth. The purpose of writing is always to deliver a message. Sometimes, that message is openly stated in the leading sentences or somewhere in the paragraph. Sometimes too, the message is hidden or perhaps at the end of the paragraph. The reader however will come to discover of a central theme that permeates the paragraph itself. There is always the principal message. The logical connection of the different thoughts in the paragraph to the central theme creates unity of subjects in the article.

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