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Article II (Two) of the U.S. Constitution

Jeffrey Rosen of the National Constitution Center in conversation with Walter Isaacson of the Aspen Institute.

When you write articles, you must ensure that they are original. Many writers use content available on the internet or books and use it as it is in their articles. This is called plagiarism and is not allowed. It will not help your business because readers will think that your products are also not original. It will seriously dent your brand image. So when you are required to create unique articles, you can follow the following 5 strategies.

• Examples: It is a sign of a good writer that he gives many examples to illustrate what point he is making. While writing, one is usually focused on explaining a concept or idea but if the explanation is limited to concepts, then there is a possibility that the reader will interpret it in his own manner depending on his past experience. When you give examples, your article comes alive. You can also create variations of the same article by changing the examples.

• Personal experience: If you are running a business then you will have gathered a lot of experience. When you include snippets of such experience in your articles, you are giving a personal touch to your subject. Readers will be better able to relate to your experience. When you write in the manner that you also faced the same problems and what you did to solve them, people instantly connect with your story. Since your experience is unique, your articles will also be unique.

• Imagination: When you do not have personal experience, you can use your imagination and build stories or cases. This will also give your readers a vicarious experience of what you are saying. With imagination, you can create the most beautiful, creative, emotional and intelligent ideas and feelings. Since your imagination is unique to you, you can create as many articles as you want.

• Make connections: While writing articles, it is a rule not to copy someone else’s content. It is called plagiarism and undermines your capacity of writing original content. However, many times, the subject is so narrow that there is no choice but to repeat the same content. In such case, you can think and discover some connections between the content and something in your memory or a related subject. When you make such connections, your article becomes unique.

• Convert to list: When you are not able to do any of the above, then you can simple rehash the content and convert it into points i.e. convert prose into bulleted points or numbered lists. This will give a new look to the same content and will be considered an original article.

Use the above 5 ways to create unique articles. The more you create, the better for your business.

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article 2 Philippine COnstitution

Forward Memory

Article 2.

In article 1 we discussed the possibility of projecting memories of excellence into the future and whether they could have an influence on our lives and the level of success we achieve. In this article we will look at a typical day in my life because I have been using this system to better my self esteem and create self improvement for more than 3 years now.

The alarm clock is set at 6am, I am always awake by 5.45am because I have a special task that must be performed before the alarm starts my day. I need to create a forward memory of a day of excellence.

My eyes remain closed and I visualise my diary for the day. What jobs need doing, which people I will be meeting, what will be discussed and the outcomes I am seeking. For the following ten minutes I create a forward memory of the outcomes. For instance a meeting is scheduled with a tough negotiator for 10am and I know he wants to screw the price down to a level that is too low for my company to sustain. I will visualise the end of the meeting, not the content because this would be pre-judging. We are shaking hands and are all smiles, a happy compromise has been reached and the order is secure, as is the profit margin. I do this with each diary entry. Then I use the final five minutes before the alarm rings creating forward memories of what I wish to achieve in my private life today.

The result is that I go into each situation with a memory of a satisfactory outcome and the affect this has on my mindset is such that I can guide each meeting to a satisfactory result for all parties. It is done with minimal effort and almost zero stress.

When I arrive home after work I have no thoughts of work, this time is private time. It is a time to tell the people I love most how important they are to me and how much I rely upon their support. To listen to what they want to say and generally join in with a harmonious life and I love every moment of it.

Am I a special person? No. Nobody could have been more fiery and short tempered than me. It wasn’t until I learned that I can project memories of future success into the present that I started to calm down and live a stress free life.

Never close your mind to anything that can make life more enjoyable – try it for yourself. If you can have a memory of the past that takes place in the present why can’t you have a memory of the future that takes place in the present. Think outside the square and watch your self esteem expand.

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Article 2   Considerations Shower

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