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What if you discovered a simple 3 step system that you can use today to boost your skills for better article marketing? Here are 3 simple steps to get you started.

Step 1 – Attractive titles.

Step 2 – The inverted pyramid arrangement of words.

Step 3 – Cross checking of content.

Here are step by step details that you can apply quickly and easily.

Step 1 – Attractive titles.

A prospective client’s interest in your article might depend solely on the first impression that he may get from your article’s title. If a client is impressed with the content that you use to describe your article then it is safe to say that half the battle is won. Once the heading part of the article is sorted out we can move on to the structuring of the article.

Step 2 – The inverted pyramid arrangement of words.

The arrangement of words describing your article should follow what many may call the “inverted pyramid structure”. By inverted pyramid structure what we mean is that to start with the first paragraph should consist of much more matter and the amount of words can be reduced for next paragraph. Once the content is completed we need to read through the article.

Step 3 – Cross checking of content.

It’s always advisable to read through the article just to be sure of the quality of the matter that has been entered. Some may feel this step to be time consuming or unnecessary but even for experts of this field it is required for them to proofread to avoid any errors. You will be amazed at the number of mistakes that you can uncover after cross reading of your article and also to avoid any embarrassment that you could have caused to yourself or your business due to them.

It is important to get started using the above information starting today.

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One of the fundamental premises of article marketing is the development of trust between the writer and the reader. The author makes a promise with his article and the reader reciprocates by visiting the author’s site.

1. Give and Take: Every transaction involves some give and take. You offer a product but expect the customer to pay for it. You express respect for someone and expect respect in return. Similarly, articles also serve a purpose. You supply information and expect the reader to visit your site. So far it is alright. But many authors make the mistake of blatantly advertising their products in the articles they write. They think that readers will be impressed with their product features. However, it is not so. Readers are interested in the information they are searching for and not for your products. Although it is correct to say that your products will solve the reader’s problem but the article is not the right place to advertise. You can sell your products on your site.

2. The ace up your sleeve: It is your responsibility as an author to provide the complete information to the reader. He must not feel that you have cheated him by promising to provide information in the title but not keeping the promise in the article. However, stopping at giving information will not suit your purpose. If the user is satisfied with your article, he will thank you and move on. There is no reason for him to visit your site. So you must have something more that will entice the user to click on the link in your resource box. You must mention that if the reader visits your site, then he might find more valuable information. Or you might create a pull by offering a free download of your e-book from your site. Do not just depend on the article but make a conscious effort to give a reason to the user to visit your site.

3. Promise of value: Your article titles must promise value to the user if he reads the article. Therefore, they must be constructed in ways that will make the value immediately apparent. For instance, a title like – ‘5 latest ways to improve presentation skills’ promises to give the reader 5 ways. So any reader who has read a lot about presentations will be attracted by the title ‘5 latest ways’. And then you must ensure that you explain the 5 ways. If you do not, the reader will be disappointed.

Keep the above 3 principles in mind while writing all your articles. They form the basis for successful article marketing.

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The Constitution   Article 3

This lesson is part of a series of lessons on the Constitution, this lesson will discuss Article 3 which focuses on the Judiciary Branch that establishes the court system, with the highest court being the Supreme Court of the federal court system. The founding fathers made the first articles of the constitution were establishing the most important aspects, Article 1 created the legislature, which makes the laws, Article 2 created the executive branch that enforces the laws and article 3 creates the Judicial branch that interprets the laws. For more lessons please visit
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3 Things The Best Day Spas in Colorado Springs Have in Common

There are many spas in Colorado Springs. There is a spa and a treatment for every budget. Here are some things to look for in the best spas in Colorado Springs.

1. Knowledgeable Staff

Staff members of any spa should be able to answer any questions you may have. With some of the skin treatments available today, it is very important the technician explain all the after care issues with the customer for the most desirable results. Look for a spa that has technicians with applicable educational degrees. Formally trained staff is not only safer for the customer, but they are informed of the latest trends in beauty, so they can offer the latest spa services.

2. Services offered

Almost every spa has hair, nails, and massages listed on their menu of services, so if you want to find one of the best spas, look for one with more to offer. The most popular spas have a range of facials available to treat everything from acne to anti-aging. There are many different massages to choose from as well as hydrotherapy, aromatherapy and even some guided meditation at the best spas. Most spas will also let you customize your services as well as offer packages for the best possible experience.

3. Pricing

While the adage “you get what you pay for” is true, it pays to shop around when looking for a spa. Once you have narrowed your choices down by which services you would like to receive, how knowledgeable the staff is, it is time to compare prices. Some things to look out for are package deals and group discounts. The best spas don’t usually offer coupons, but most will give a large group a discount. This type of discount is a wonderful idea for those who are planning a day out with the girls. Most spas will register your group as a private party, so which ever services the group is getting, it will stay together. Your group won’t be split up and mixed in with other spa customers.

If you aren’t looking for a group experience, then a package deal may the ideal way to save some money. Packages offered by spas are almost endless, so it is easy to locate the ideal package for you. Since most spa sell gift cards, men can purchase a package and present their significant other with the perfect gift of pampering.

If you keep in mind the three things listed above when choosing a spa, a relaxing experience is waiting to reward you for your work.

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Conférence Etienne Chouard - Article 3 - Gentils Virus

Conférence d’Etienne Chouard , lors de la conférence organisée par l’association Article 3 le 28 février 2015 à Mulhouse.
Le contenu de la vidéo, rédigé par le site
Index chronologique

00 : 00 : Présentation de l’association article 3 dont l’objectif est d’ instituer le référendum d’ initiative citoyenne (RIC ), différence entre RIC et référendum d’ initiative parlementaire ou du prince , point de convergence entre assocation article 3 et constiuante citoyenne.

06 : 35 : Prise de parole d’Etienne Chouard, principe et fréquence des atelierrs constituants.

10 : 30 : Le plus petit dénominateur commun populaire malgré les clivages est la crainte des abus de pouvoir, roles de la constitiution : établir les règles de dévolution , de controle, de sanction du pouvoir instituer, préserver et assurer la souveraineté populaire, constitution et question de société.

14 : 00 : Instituer la puissance politique populaire, c’est instituer les conditions préalable de réflexion à la décision populaire.

16 : 50 : Importance de la viralité de la proposition de constituante citoyenne.

23 : 45 : Exemple d’atelier constituant : la chambre des référendum.

27 : 50 : présentation de livres.
– ” L’ humanitude au pouvoir , comment les citoyens peuvent décider du Bien commun” de Jacques Testart.
– ” Le livre noir des banques ” Attac & Basta
-” L’imposture économique ” , Steve Keen

37 : 35 : Retour sur la polémique , Etienne Chouard a-t-il une complaisance pour le fascisme ?Présentation de livres :
-” Fascisme et grand capital ” & ” la peste brune” de Daniel Guerin
-” 1914 -1918 , la grande guerre des classes” , Jacques Pauwels
-” L’histoire contemporaine sous influence” , Annie La Croix Riz
-“L’Etat ” , Bernard Charbonneau

53 : 08 : Du consensus lors des ateliers constituant.

Questions / Réponses

1 : 08 : 00 : De l’importance du savoir pour s’instituer constituant.

1 : 14 : 20 : Question relative à l’euro , à l’ Allemagne et à la Grèce.

1 : 19 : 20 : Question relative à Maastricht et a au TCE

1 : 25 : 55 : Que faire pour mettre en application la constituante citoyenne.

1 : 34 : 40 : Des minorités agissantes.

1 : 50 :45 : De la paresse énergétique et intellecutelle de la masse.

1 : 53 : 40 : Approche pessimiste vs approche pessimiste , vote vs abstention

1 : 58 : 30 : Un bon maitre, pourquoi pas ?

2 : 04 : 00 : Question de méthodologie association article 3 vs atelier constituant.

2 : 13 : 30 : ” Psychologie des foules ” de Gustave Le Bon , de la néccéssité de chefs.

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