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Kathy Griffin may be a comedienne, but the flame-haired funny lady isn’t joking around when it comes to bullying. reports that Griffin recently appeared on CNN’s Larry King Live to comment on the recent teen suicides. Griffin didn’t make a single joke during her hour-long appearance as part of a panel on teen bullying hosted by King that also included Wanda Sykes, Nate Berkus, Tim Gunn, Chely Wright and Lance Bass. During the panel, Griffin announced plans to donate her entire salary from her Dec. 16 concert at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City to The Trevor Project, an organization dedicated to ending suicide among LGBTQ youth.

The Emmy-winning comedienne is quickly becoming as well known for her philanthropy as for her jokes. The Los Angeles Times reports that Griffin was among the celebrities at the 32nd Carousel of Hope event in Beverly Hills. Held on Oct. 23, this year’s event honored Quincy Jones and Maria Shriver and featured a star-studded batch of performers, presenters and guests including Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Akon, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Rod Stewart, Don Johnson, Stevie Wonder, Vanna White, Raquel Welch, Nicky Hilton, Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin and more.

The annual fundraiser for children’s diabetes has been hosted by society doyenne Barbara Davis since its inception, and she and her late oil tycoon husband Marvin Davis acquired the Beverly Hills Hotel and 20th Century Fox in the 1980s. Barbara Davis has raised $ 75 for the Children’s Diabetes Foundation and the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes in Denver over the years. Griffin was among the guests who paid $ 1,000 for a ticket and told the Times, “I’ve got to tell you who I came with. I came with Jane Fonda. Isn’t that a great unlikely situation? I love it. I was ready to come by myself because I’m single, but then I said, ‘I’m too insecure.’ And Jane Fonda said, ‘You can drive with us.’ So she and her boyfriend, Richard [Perry, a music producer], drove me here.” Maybe Griffin isn’t on the D-list anymore after all!

Griffin’s popular Bravo reality show My Life on the D List is back for its sixth season. According to the official Bravo website for the show, the two-time Emmy-winning series is continuing to stir up trouble in Hollywood-and Washington! This season sees Griffin storming the capital to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” remodeling her Los Angeles home, judging a toddler beauty pageant alongside her 90-year-old mother and series regular, and stalking A-list stars like Liza Minnelli, Kristin Chenoweth and Lauren Conrad.

Tuning into Bravo isn’t the only way fans can get their Kathy Griffin fix, however, as the comedienne is currently on tour. Kathy Griffin tickets are available to see her stand-up routine in cities like Philadelphia, Pa.; Albany, N.Y.; Easton, Pa.; Baltimore, Md.; Mashantucket, Conn.; Worchester, Mass.; Las Vegas, Nev.; Palm Desert, Calif.; Universal City, Calif.; Santa Barbara, Calif.; Thackerville, Okla. and Jacksonville, Fla. Griffin will remain on the road through mid-December and already has a few dates in the books for 2011.

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With bullying such a common problem in today’s society parents can’t afford to ignore this issue. Here are 10 quick tips for parents to be proactive about bullying. These ideas will help children feel better about themselves and consider the feelings of others – useful strategies for children whether they are being bullied or are doing the bullying.

1. Respect your child’s positive qualities and tell them what they are to boost their self-esteem. The better children feel about themselves the more bully proof they are and the less likely they are to bully others.

2. Model respectful behavior yourself – our children copy what we do. E.g. How do you react if someone cuts you off in traffic and your children are in the car?

3. Listen to your children with empathy so they grow to show it for others. Saying things like “That must have been very scary for you” helps your children, because their feelings are being acknowledged and they truly feel heard.

4. Encourage your child’s social and emotional intelligence by talking about feelings and how other people feel. Questions like: “What do you think it was like for the others when that happened?” help children to see things from outside of their egocentric point of view.

5. Talk to your children about aggressive, submissive and assertive behavior so they understand about power in relationships.

6. Notice when your children are behaving well and tell them! Focusing on positive behavior is such a simple way to get more of it as well as boosting your children’s self-esteem!

7. Give your children opportunities to share their ideas about fighting and bullying and what might work to stop it. Ask questions like: “If … happened, what could you do to keep yourself safe?” to allow children to work out what they could do by themselves.

8. Teach them some concrete strategies to try as well. E.g. instead of focusing on the bullying imagine the bully swelling up and popping. Strategies like this which help a child stay calm can be very helpful. When children learn to be aware of their reactions and the part this plays in being bullied, they can choose to react differently.

9. Stay up to date with your child’s school’s bullying policy and about bullying in general. What do you know about bullying and technology? Find out more about cyberbullying so you are informed.

10. Support your children in solving their own fights or bullying issues rather than stepping in and doing it for them. Remember your response as a parent models a powerful message for your children.

Two coaching questions that are helpful around bullying are:

1. How do I show respect to my children?
2. Am I supporting them to solve their own problems?

If you ask yourselves coaching questions such as these everyday you will be building a close and loving relationship with your children as well as supporting them to deal with bullying and other challenges to the best of their capabilities. After all, isn’t this what children need as they grow towards independence?

Barbara Beccari M.Ed and parent-coach, is co-author of a beautiful children’s picture book about respectful relationships. Barbara is co-founder of parentSCOPE, a parent-coaching business acknowledged for its innovation. parentSCOPE supports parents to have loving and close relationships with their children, from babies to teens. Check out to find out more.

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Girl bullies are just as much an everyday occurrence in schools as boy bullies. The girl bullies make use of different methods, however. While a number of them will spread gossip about the other girls, or taunt girls about their body mass or overall look, others school girl bullies will be inclined to act as a cluster, which gives the lead bully far more power.


Furthermore, because girl bullies operate in groups, they are unsurprisingly cheered on when showing abuse to others girls. This provides them with the influence to carry on picking on others. In some instances, they will use their assemblage to swell their apparent authority which will result in after school physical altercations. This raises quite an interesting issue. Girl bullies who partake in fighting are usually encircled by boy bullies and their acquaintances. The attendance of the boys seems to almost encourage the violence.


Girls who bully other girls do so very easily. If they see a girl who is fresh to the school or seems a bit introvert, maybe wearing different style clothing, she will become a main target. So, too, will girls who are new to our country who wear their native costume, and who are helpless in grasping the terminology used in every day school life.


In comparison to boys, schoolgirl bullies are cruel in their bullying strategies as well as in their street combat. They display no regret or worry, but dwell exclusively on the achievement of popularity amongst their peers.


Most girl bullies can be rapidly identified by the amount of girls who goes around with them. In addition, their outlook, their similar way of dressing and their verbal communications are obvious indications that somebody in this bunch is a leader as well as a bully. They show a blatant disrespect for authority of any kind and will make use of whatever means necessary to cover up their deeds by intimidating those in their group to stay quiet.


Another issue is that school girl bullies frequently opt for targets who appear to get on well with teachers, those who are academic, and who do not play the game of the ‘gang-like’ values most girl bullies enforce as leaders. According to the figures on school misdeeds and safety, 26% of females have been caught up in bodily fights. In addition, the Journal of the American Medical Association recognizes schoolgirl bullies as “those who use verbal bullying and rumors to victimize other girls.” It’s hardly surprising then, that 39% of middle school girls when asked, stated they do not consider themselves to be protected at school.


Incidents of girls who bully girls take place more often in sixth to eighth grade, and the girls usually reside in built-up areas. Victims of school girl bullies are evidence of to the fact that they are emotionally and spiritually mistreated.


The bottom line is that for girl bullies, it is a passed down behavior. Proof indicates that bullying starts from the tender ago of just two years old. Schoolgirl bullies can create intense disturbing unease within their victims. For that reason it is up to the parents, teachers, administrators, guidance counselors and support staff to see the signs and act to put an end to these incidents of girl bullying immediately.


copyright By Mandy-Jane Clarke

For more tips and resources on girl bullies visit

Prince William Stands Up to Bullying in New Campaign

The second in line to the British throne recorded a new PSA following in the footsteps of the late Princess Diana.

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This video is an article analysis on “Bullying Bias, Making Schools Safe for Gay Students”, by James Fleming. This analysis was created for a college course at Western Kentucky University: “Student Diversity”.
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There are more and more episodes of bullying being reported on the news today. This is becoming a severe problem in our country. Sure, bullies have always been around but with the technology that kids are exposed to now, the bullying can be nonstop. Follow these parenting advice so you can recognize the child behavior signs associated with bullying.

Watch for Withdrawal

One of the earliest child behavior signs that bullied children exhibit is withdrawal. Even young children start to close themselves away in their bedrooms and avoid contact with everyone, including family members. Bullying makes a child feel isolated and alone and the emotional trauma causes them to retreat and isolate themselves further. Most tips for parents suggest that if this child behavior is allowed to go on for a period of time, irreparable damage could be done to the child’s psyche.

Beware of Bruising

Many children who are bullied by others are physically assaulted by them as well. One of the best tips for parents is to be aware of any suspicious bruising on your child. A child who has been assaulted by others might flinch when approached or touched. This is a classic and common child behavior exhibited when someone has been or is being bullied.

Forgetting about Friends

Children who are being bullied often begin to disassociate themselves from their friends. They will no longer run home and want to go out to play. Usually, bullied kids do their best to hide themselves away from the world. When this child behavior surfaces, the child is beginning to believe everything that the bullies are saying about them. It is essential for parents to recognize these child behavior signs and find out what is going on immediately.

Speaking of Suicide

Although young children rarely use the word “suicide”, but at times, kids might say that they want to die or want to kill themselves. Hopefully, you will have acted before the bullying got to this extreme level. If a child behaves like this, you need to talk to your child gently and be loving towards your child.

Stand Up for Your Child

Being a parent, you must act as soon as you find out that your child is a victim of bullying. Rarely will a child admit that he is being bullied. You’ll need to recognize the signs on your own and do a little bit of investigation.

You should contact your child’s teacher for an appointment. Inform her that you don’t want your child to know about your meeting. Explain to her that your child is exhibiting typical child behavior signs associated with being bullied. Tell her that you expect that she watch your child carefully to see if anyone is victimizing your child and that she report back to you in a few days.

A lot of bullying occurs on the school bus. Many school districts have security cameras on the buses. You can schedule an appointment with the principal and tell him that you would like to review all bus tapes for the past month. Legally, you are allowed to do so.

Talk to a Therapist

Your child might be too embarrassed to talk to you about his problem with bullies. It would be best if you set up an appointment with a child behavior psychologist. Many kids balk at the thought of a therapist, but you will need to use your delicate positive parenting techniques to help your child recognize that he can’t handle this problem on his own.

Noah Brown is a freelance writer who writes extensively on child parent relationships and offer tips for parents on raising children and handling child behavior. She inspires her readers towards watching motivating parenting videos and reading inspirational quotes which provide useful positive parenting help.

Deputy Mayor Candidate, Jennifer McCreath, has been under personal attack from bullying and trolling, ever since she entered the political race. Local newspaper The Telegram took notice of this and wrote a feature article on the situation. Jennifer reviews the article.

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