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Here’s the article on Food Sequencing from Metabolic Effect:

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This is for anyone who is designing or re-designing a restaurant, a cafe, or any other food service. This article gives incredibly useful information for all Food Service Designers!
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Many of us have heard of Food Activist FoodBabe. Critics say she’s a fear monger, and ScienceBabe is one of those critics. Sciencebabe just wrote an article in Gawker, body slamming FoodBabe. A Fan of my Facebook page wanted me to weigh in, so I did.

Original Gawker Article:

FoodBabe Flu Vaccine Article:

The Doctors:
Dr. Esselstyn:
Dr. Campbell:
Dr. Hyman:
Dr. Davis:
Dr. Greger:

Eating this way is not hard and is THE BEST WAY for preventing chronic diseases and living healthy. Eating whole foods, plant-based is a lifestyle, not an 8-week fad diet. Change your mindset to think long term for optimum health. By eating plants, your body will thank you, the earth will thank you and the animals will thank you.

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