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Ensemble Stars UNIT CD 3rd 【 Vol. 2 】”Article of Faith” by Knights

Tsukinaga Leo (CV Asanuma Shintarou)
Sakuma Ritsu (CV Yamashita Daiki)
Sena Izumi (CV Ito Masami)
Narukami Arashi (CV Kitamura Ryo)
Suou Tsukasa (CV Tsuchida Reio)

I do NOT own the song, the lyrics, the characters or the cards. The only thing I own is the video

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Join Zack and his sister, Zoey, as they explore each Article of Faith. Charming illustrations and animation bring the doctrine to life in a way that children will understand and enjoy.

*Sing the Articles of Faith!
*All-new Articles of Faith songs by Lex de Azevedo
*Sing along with the children’s choir and orchestra
*Songs are inspiring, playful, and easy to remember!

Golden-Globe nominated composer Lex de Azevedo (Saturday’s Warrior, My Turn on Earth, Gloria, Hosanna) and the producers of Signing Time present the Articles of Faith in a fresh new way. Go beyond memorizing to enjoying, understanding, and testifying of truth.
Video Rating: / 5

노래 따라부르고 싶은데 발음있는 영상이 없어서 직접 만들어버렸슴니다,.,,

이제 맘편히 따라부를수 있어요 * ‘ㅁ’ *!

영상 만드는거 힘들었지만 다 만들었을때 노래가 너무 좋아서(? 눈물이 났습니다,,,

시간이 난다면 다음에는 피네 영상을 만들꺼에요
왜냐면 저는 유즈루 오시라서,,

암튼 레오가 한스타에 빨리 나와줬으면 좋겠네요 8ㅠ8



불펌, 2차 가공 등은 금지입니다 !ㅁ!

(가사 출처 :

Sing along and learn what we believe!
Video Rating: / 5