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A short video on how I write one sports article in half an hour. 🙂

Vice Sports Article Accuses WWE Of Whitewashing Ultimate Warrior's Past

An Excerpt From: “The Don Tony & Kevin Castle Show” Hosted By Don Tony & Kevin Castle

* A special thanks to Don Tony for allowing EPICSPORTS to run this clip.

Andrew Wiggins responds to a negative article going 24 of 28 from the field and finishing with a career high 57 pts, 13 Rebs, and 4 blks later that night. Wiggins was subbed out of the game after breaking Point Pleasant’s school record of 55 points.

That morning teammates and Coach Rob Fulford knew Wiggins was going to go off.

“Amazing how ppl will do anything to bring someone down! Won’t work though ur just adding fuel to his fire.” -Xavier Rathan-Mayes via Twitter (@YungBoiMayes)

“Strange feeling @22wiggins goes for 50 tonight…just a hunch” via Coach Fulford’s Twitter. (@rfulford)

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