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New entries in the Guinness Book of World Records 2011 were officially revealed on September 10th, 2010. The new book includes hundreds of unique world records from the sublime to the ridiculous ones. In the previous article which introduces new world records in Guinness Book 2011, we have opportunities to know about the hairiest man, the tallest living man, and other incredible records. Today, the list of Guinness World Records will continue to be released,  and all of them are set by animals. Let’s meet the smallest dog, the longest snake, the biggest rabbit, the tallest living dog and so on throughout the images below.


The tallest living dog

Weighing over 111 kg and standing 1.1 meter tall, Giant George is the Guinness World Record holder for Tallest Living Dog & Tallest Dog Ever.


The smallest living dog

Boo Boo, a 10-cm-high long-haired Chihuahua, measures 16.5 cm and weighs 0.68 kg


The most bottles recycled by a dog

Tubby has collected 26,000 plastic bottles and given them to his owner Sandra Gilmore for recycling.


The fastest time to pop 100 balloons by a dog

A Jack Russell terrier named Anastasia was recognized by the Guinness World Records for the fastest time to pop 100 balloons within 44.49 seconds


The longest tongue on a dog

Puggy, a 9-year-old Pekingese, owns the longest tongue measuring 11.43 cm.


The smallest cow

The smallest cow is Swallow, a Dexter cow from Pike End Farm in North Yorkshire. Owned by Martyn and Caroline Ryder, this 11-year-old cow is 85 cm tall.


The smallest horse

Einstein, born at Tiz Miniature Horse Farm in Barnstead, is regarded to be the world\’s smallest horse. When he was three months old, he was just 35 cm high and weighed 2.7 kg.


The longest snake in captivity

A python named Fluffy holds the Guinness World Records 2011 for the longest living snake with the length of 7.3 meters. It lives in Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Ohio


The longest distance by a horse on hind legs

Doc, a horse in Milan was declared to perform the longest jump (29 m) on hind legs in April, 2009


The biggest rabbit

Darius from Worcester was titled the world\’s biggest rabbit in April, 2010. Darius is 1.3 meter long and weighs 22 kg.



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This summer holiday, like every other one before this one leaves you asking the question ‘how will I entertain the kids until they go back to school?’ This article will highlight three great places to take the kids in the area of Cornwall, which will entertain, amuse and keep busy for a few days which will alleviate the pressure from you. These three attractions are ideal for the kids that love the animals and enjoy spending time with them and learning about them.

The first place on the list is the Donkey Park. Very popular since the release of the film ‘Shrek’ where Eddie Murphy played the voice of a very talkative donkey. Cornwalls Donkey Park is not only about donkeys but also offers, goats, pigs, sheep, rabbits and guinea pigs which can be fed and pet. The park also offers donkey rides and a donkey bazaar gift shop. The park was also the winner of ‘The best group of working Donkeys in the Southwest’ award since 2004. Also offering an indoor play barn which proves an ideal hideaway if the weather turns on you.

A water themed attraction is pick number two in the form of the Seal Sanctuary. This is a great little treat for the kids that are fascinated with all things from the sea. The Seal Sanctuary offers a whole host of creatures including male and female seals, seal lions, otters as well as goats and sheep. The sanctuary has many rescued pups and their main aim is to get them back into the wild. Their main purpose is to rescue, rehabilitate and release a task which the sanctuary does an outstanding job at. The sanctuary is also a home to many adult seals. When visiting the seal sanctuary you must make sure you see the feeding time as that will be something you won’t want to miss.

Option number three is Paradise Park. Established in Hayle in 1973 originally as a tropical bird garden its popularity has enabled it to grow to include otters, red pandas and even the rarely seen native red squirrels. The park also offers a ‘Fun Farm’ which is very popular among young children and their daily events also draws many visitors to the park each day. The park is surround by a wonderful Victorian walled garden and is home to wonder array of tropical plants which thrive in the mild climate of Cornwall. In 2005 the parks Jungle Barn play centre was opened providing a wide choice of things for the children to do when the weather is wet and cold.

This article was written by Tom Sangers on behalf of West Cornwall Cottage Holidays who offer Cornwall country cottage holidays and Porthcurno Cottages.

Police are notorious for being trigger happy and shoot beloved family pets without hesitation. Why do so many police exhibit such psychopathic behavior towards animals and often times fellow humans?

Intro: Puritania by Dimmu Borgir
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Cowardly Cop Kills Family’s Cat with a Shotgun After it Hissed at Him
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to learn Italian for beginners 3: Indefinite articles. The animals.

Learn Italian for beginners lesson 3. Indefinite articles in Italian language. L’articolo indeterminativo in italiano. The animals in Italian language. Gli animaali

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These animals are the subject of myths and legends. For thousands of years, writers and philosophers have immortalized these animals in the history books. The existence of these animals have always been speculated, but thanks to the internet and the concept of going viral, people can confirm these animals are real. Even with exposure to the Internet, people will speculate that the photos have been edited or that the videos have been enhanced with CGI. Of course verifying the existence of these animals can be solved with a simple visit or researching the local newspaper archives. In this video are some of the most abnormally large animals that have been verified to be real. Cryptozoology has often informed us of animals that we cannot verify as being actually real, but mainstream news has at least made the following animals real and available to us all.
First, we have Zeus, who was known as the tallest dog. Dogs can grow to fairly large sizes, but this particular dog literally stands above all of the rest. Zeus was a Great Dane who weighed about 155 pounds and stood about 44 inches tall. On an average day, Zeus would eat about 12 cups of food per day. Unfortunately, he didn’t live to see his 6th birthday, and his life span was much shorter than the average Great Dane.
Next, we have the tallest bunny, whose name is Darius. Per month, Darius can eat through 360 carrots, 30 apples, and 15 cabbages. He is about 6 years old and holds the record for being the tallest rabbit known to exist. Darius weighs about 50 pounds and is about four feet and four inches long. Having a rabbit like Darius can also be pretty costly since his owners are spending well over 2,000 pounds per year to keep the rabbit fed.
Your average house cat can also be a contender as one of the largest animals. Ludo is a Maine Coon housecat, who weighs about 24.5 pounds and is 45 inches long. You can bet that Ludo’s owners, the Gill family, probably doesn’t share the bed with their large feline. The craziest part about this is that Ludo is only 17 months old and hasn’t stopped growing yet.
Big Jake currently holds the record as the tallest horse. He weighs over 2600 pounds and stands at over 210 centimeters tall. Big Jake can also eat through one and a half bales of hay and 40 quarts of oats each day. This horse has good company with Blosom being the tallest cow at 13 years old. She is six feet four inches tall and weighs about 2000 pounds. Blosom’s owner realized something was special about her when she failed to produce a calf. Her size actually ended up saving her from the slaughterhouse, and she is the current greeter at the farm she lives on.
There are many more large animals where this comes from. These animals are real to the touch, and we can imagine that a brand new slew of legends and myths will be written with these giants of the animal kingdom in mind.

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