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When our planet becomes a fiery place as the prediction of the global warming alarmists, all of human life and human development will be on fire to a crisp on the scorched surface of the globe. It is believed that the cause of global warming is the people’s emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere.



In fact on one graph they will show you the increased in CO2 emissions from human civilizations and then they will show you another graph that charts the 1 1/2 percent increase in ambient surface temperatures on the planet over a 50 year period. Then they will say; see everyone, can see the data, obviously this is being cause by mankind?


About 6 years ago someone began tracking the sales of Prozac and began showing a chart of their sales next door to the chart of the stock market and the economy. When the sales of Prozac went up it matched the graph of the stock market. Nevertheless we know that the sales of Prozac have nothing to do whatsoever with the stock market or our nation’s economy overall. And if so, just give every one Prozac to make the economy good, See everyone, can you see the data?


It should be a relatively easy consideration if you study logic and critical thinking, however apparently if the mass media says something over and over again enough times everyone will start believing it, which is completely and utterly ridiculous. But that is exactly what we have here with global warming.


Is it really global warming caused by mankind or is it more a global warning that there are cyclical changes occurring on earth with regards to our atmosphere and ambient surface temperatures? From a global warning perspective it does make sense to strengthen our civilizations and our infrastructure to handle the potential issues that lie ahead.


It does not make sense to crush our energy sector and weaken our economies over fear tactics that are completely invalid. If it is our intention to stop polluting that is a good thing. We should focus on that. Not the fear of global warming or some massive crisis that plagues the future of all living life on the service of the planet. I certainly hope this article is of interest and that is has propelled thought. The goal is simple; to help you in your quest to be the best in 2007. I thank you for reading my many articles on diverse subjects, which interest you.


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Global Warming is said to be the rise in the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere due to the green house gases like Carbon-di- oxide, Methane, Nitrous oxide and Ozone in the atmosphere. The “Greenhouse effect” caused by these gases warms the atmosphere naturally as this effect traps the sun’s radiation and act as a thermal blanket by maintain the Earth’s temperature within a livable limit of about 59 degree Fahrenheit. If the Earth did not have this thermal blanket, then the planet in which we all live in would probably be about 80 degree cooler than it is at present, making it very cold and difficult for us to survive and live in the planet. Global Warming is responsible for maintaining the temperature of the atmosphere.

The above factors that have been discussed are all related to the natural greenhouse effect and the natural global warming that will result in the normal climatic changes. But, nowadays, people relate the global warming topic to the adverse climatic changes that they are experiencing, which means that there is an increase over and above the permissible level of the temperature in the Earth’s atmosphere which is influencing the varying climatic patterns. Nature seems to be always warning us of the influence of global warming in this modern world and the few signs that have been brought to our notice includes the melting of the glaciers, increase in the sea levels, the recent Tsunami that caused huge damage to life and property, more than normal heat waves experienced in many countries etc.

The climate of the Earth is always changing. Earlier, the changes in the climate were all natural and were considered seasonal. But the frequent changes in the Earth’s climate, since the early 1900, have been identified to be caused by human behavior rather than due to the effect of the natural changes in the atmosphere. Since the industrial revolution, there has been lot of burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas which results in letting out a lot of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, mainly Carbon- di- oxide or CO2 into the atmosphere. There have been billions of tons of CO2 that are burned into the atmosphere every year and the amount is increasing by about 3% every year.

The Amazon forest is also turning out to be a major carbon sink. It is reported that there is a net loss of rain forest along with the increase of carbon into the atmosphere. Deforestation is the main cause for the trees in the Amazon rain forests to not completely soak up the carbon let out into the atmosphere and this may also lead to varying climatic changes due to the presence of global warming. The effects of the carbon gases in the atmosphere has not spared the oceans as well as they also act as a carbon sink. The effect of increased carbon in the atmosphere has made the oceans more acidic, causing damage to the sea creatures, bleaching corals and also further causing damage to the general health of the oceans of the world. This has led to increase in the sea levels and the warmer water due to the effect of the warmer atmosphere also has led to more intense and unusual weather and climatic changes.

The various climatic changes that may occur due to the increased global warming effect are melting of the glaciers, rise in the temperatures of the regions on the Northern Hemisphere, melting of snows in the temperate regions earlier than before, frequent storms and floods, dry land will go more drier, rise in winter and night temperature and a more humid atmosphere.

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