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If you just love writing comedic articles and essays, go ahead. People love reading comedy. You might find your life full of humor and even make money out of writing about it. This often happens when a person is put into a different environment, for instance many humorous articles have been written from the point of view of a city person going to live in the Wild West – or vice versa.  This is actually situational comedy as it arises from being in a different situation.


Or maybe you’d rather make humorous comment about the political situation such as we see in satire, or the many other types of comedy that abound. Whichever type you choose, stick to it for the same piece of writing. If you start off with a family comedy and the switch to slapstick or satire, your readers will be confused and end up leaving you.


Make your type of comedy appropriate to your proposed audience. If you were writing something humorous for children, satire or black humor would not be appropriate. If your audience were rocket scientists or inventors, family or toilet humor would not be appreciated. Writing for radio will not need lots of humorous activity, but for TV it will.


Choosing what makes you laugh will ensure that you enjoy what you are doing and this will show in your writing. Conflict is needed for most good writing and it is needed for comedy as well. Conflict can come from a person against the environment, a person who cannot achieve his goals, i.e. against himself, or a person against another person. The humor comes as the person tries his best to achieve his goal, or maybe he decides to ignore it – whatever it is.


Exaggeration is another means of including comedy into your article. While it may not always be possible to exaggerate the environment, it is your perception of the problem that can be exaggerated for comic effect. However, just be careful not to go overboard and become silly.


Remember the rule of three. For some reason things that happen in threes seem funnier than if they happen just once. If you can work this into your humorous article it is a form of exaggeration that will make things seem even funnier. Watch funny movies for the rule of three and you’ll see a person getting bumped three times, doing something three times – and failing on the third, and so on.


Know when to draw things out and when to quit. A sense of timing is crucial to most comedy. When something is said is often just as important as what is said.

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Identifying Articles through America History & Life

This short Library video will show you how to identify journal articles and other scholarly sources through the database America: History and Life, one of the key search tools for history researchers at University of Guelph.

America: History and Life allows you to search listings of scholarly journal articles and other sources, including many in full-text.

It covers North American history from prehistory to present, and please note that this includes Canadian history, in spite of the database’s title.

America: History and Life can be accessed through the database list under the “Find” tab on the library website,

You may also be able to access it through a link in the library subject or course guide associated with your course or research topic.

If you are off-campus, you may be asked to log in through the Library website before proceeding to the database.

This is the main search screen for America: History and Life. Enter combinations of your search terms at the top and apply any search limits (such as date of publication) at the bottom.

It’s a good idea to brainstorm a working list of a variety of terms to combine in your searches.

Start by entering some of these terms. In this example, I’ve indicated that I want to find items that mention the words “telegraph” and “military.”

At the bottom of the same page, you can add any limits to your search in advance, like limit by peer-review status, limit by historical period, limit by date of publication, and more.

If you don’t get the results you want, try adjusting your search terms and/or refining your search using the options in the column on the left of the page.

Click on the title of the item you want to get further information and, if available, to access the full-text.

Before accessing and reading the whole article, review details such as the abstract to determine if it’s going to be useful. An abstract is a short article summary.

The official subject headings listed in the record are particularly useful. If you see one that’s relevant, click on it to see if there are other items classified in the same way.

Links on the left-hand side of the page will indicate if the full-text is available in the database or elsewhere. If the article isn’t available in full-text in the database, click on the “Get it! Guelph” icon to check if it is available through another one of our resources.

Don’t forget to try a variety of different searches using different combinations of terms to achieve different results.

If you have any further questions, just ask us.

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High quality articles are the secrets to a successful article marketing campaign. These types of articles are what make readers want to click through the authors resource box. Want to know how to produce such articles? Then, this guide is for you:

1.First, start by honing or developing the needed skills. In order to produce high quality articles, it is a must that you have excellent communication, writing, proofreading, and research skills. Do not worry as these are something that you can learn through research, by attending training programs, and through constant practice.

2.Know your readers. You need to make sure that your articles will come out very targeted to the needs and demands of your audience. This will only happen if you know exactly what these people are looking for. Before you start writing, research and get to know the people you are about to write for. Know and understand their pressing issues and goals in life. Identify the topics that they usually search for in the online arena. Also, get to know their level of comprehension and their preferences.

3.Know your topics. Do not even think about tapping on your keyboard unless you have a crystal clear idea about the topics that you are going to discuss. Do extensive research if needed. Remember, your readers deserve nothing but highly informative articles. Interview experts, check out reputable resources, and conduct surveys. Do anything that will help you gather as much information as possible. I know, doing extensive research can take a lot of time but well researched articles are what you need to establish your authority in your niche.

4.Plan ahead. To ensure that your articles will sound coherent, I would suggest that you create a skeleton that you can use as a guide before you get started. This should not take so much of your time. After doing your research, you just need to list down the ideas that you are going to discuss. For example, if you are going to write a product review about a certain fruit juicer, you can just list down the following in bullet list; general info about the product and the company, the strengths and weaknesses of the product, user reviews, and verdict. Through this, you will have an assurance that your articles will make sense and that they will contain all the information that your readers need to know.

5.Write simply. Write your articles while keeping the levels of comprehension of your readers in mind. Remember, you are writing for online users who are coming from different countries and who are using different languages. It will help these people in easily understanding the message that you are trying to get across if you write using the simplest terms and short sentences. It will also help if you keep your paragraphs short and if you use subheadings to make your articles scannable or easy on the eyes.

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Articles Of Faith
In This Life (Lone Wolf Records, 1985)

01 – Remain In Memory 00:00
02 – Doesn’t Have To Be That Way 02:16
03 – Wasn’t I Right 04:45
04 – Wheedle Dee 08:02
05 – Around In Circles 10:49
06 – Nowhere 12:56
07 – Trains 16:09
08 – Wait For Me 18:44
09 – Never Really Understood 20:51
10 – Cambridge 24:17
11 – In This Life 29:23

Seven Articles of Life

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