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Do you ever wonder why hundreds of thousands of internet marketers are now spending so much time, effort, and energy in writing articles? Well, it’s because countless of ebusiness owners and affiliate marketers have proven the effectiveness of this internet marketing tool. They’ve realized that if you write informative, useful articles, people will pay attention to your website and later on to the products or services that you offer. The process of getting them to buy from you will then get a lot easier.

Most people use the internet for research. Some of them are looking for solutions to their problems while others are looking for the answers to their burning questions. There are some who are looking for how to guides while others are looking for in depth information about the things that they find extremely interesting. If you want to capture the attention of these people, you must not only offer them with banner or PPC ads. Instead, strive to address their learning needs. Share with them a slice of your expertise and help them understand their current situation and help them out in solving their issues. If you do this, they will forget about you. They’ll surely read your other articles, pay your site a visit, subscribe to your newsletters, and later on, buy whatever it is that you’re selling.

Writing decent articles that can capture the attention of your potential clients isn’t that difficult. Start by knowing the topics that they’re looking for by conducting surveys and by doing keyword research. Then, gather as much information through thorough research. After that, you may outline the data that you’re going to discuss and present them based on their importance. Don’t forget to write your articles using conversational tone and lay man’s terms. Make it very easy for your audience to understand the message that you’re trying to get across. Also, make sure that your articles will speak volumes about your expertise and your sincere commitment in helping out your audience. Write as many articles not only to share more information to your readers but also to make your website become more visible in the online arena.

After writing your articles, you can start distributing them to hundreds of directories. Yes, this process will take a lot of time but this the only thing that you can do to give your articles the kind of exposure they need. Post them under the best categories and make sure that you use compelling resource box where you can insert your site’s link.

When online users are looking for information related to what you sell and they see your articles on relevant search page results, you have better chances of getting them to pay you a visit. As long as your articles have what it takes to get your readers to like and trust you, you will not have any problem in converting these people from online users to potential clients and then to paying customers.





Sean Mize is an article marketing expert and coach. Here’s one of his best

article written: Article Writing for Higher Conversions



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Have you ever thought about earning money by writing articles? I ensure that you won’t deny a couple of extra cash a month. Everyone needs a bit of extra bucks every month. You can buy extra pair of shoes, or spend on next birthday party of your child.



So lets look at reasons why you would want to earn money by writing articles:
• Takes roughly an hour a day.
• You can do it from your home or any other place if you have a laptop.
• Will give you an extra income that can help with paying bills or just spoiling yourself.
• You get to help someone else benefit from your expertise while getting a huge commission for it.
• It takes a bit of work in the beginning, but after that you can still earn from articles you wrote a year ago.


I earn money by writing articles just like this one and now I would like to teach YOU how to earn money by writing articles.


So how much work does it actually take?


Well I’m sure you can write 1 article a day, which will take you 1hour at the most – Think you can handle that?


Maybe you would have to watch one less TV program, but why not if you know you could earn money by writing articles that only take about an hour?


Basically you would join an affiliate program and then write a couple of articles about the product subject. Lets say the product is about gardening and you love to work in the garden. It would be so easy for you to write an article about gardening because it’s something that you love to do in your spare time.


You get to help someone else improve their garden and you will get a commission from the Merchant if the reader buys the product.


That is a basic idea of how to make money by writing articles. I must be hones that it will take a bit of work and dedication, but once again let me throw that carrot in front of you – does an extra $ 2000 a month sound good? Especially if you know you’ve earned it!


If this sounds very overwhelming or you are not sure how to do it, please just go to my website (below) for some more tips on how to earn money by writing articles or just drop me an email (below) and I will be more than happy to guide you along the way.


Who knows maybe one day you will replace this article with your own strategies on how you earn money by writing articles…


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