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How to Prevent Bullying and CyberBullying?

Bullying is unfortunately still as much of a problem today as it ever was. But, back in the day, a bully usually showed itself in the form of some big kid pushing a smaller one around, maybe taking away another child’s lunch money – all for the sake of proving power over another and to get a few laughs for others that were not the victim. Sure, fights occasionally ensued over the actions of a bully, but that was about all that might come of it Either the victim learned how to defend himself or the bully continued his tirade without much consequence, or so it seemed.It may seem to you that knowing how to prevent bullying and cyberbullying is a hard task, it isn’t!

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About NoBullying: is an online forum aimed at educating, advising, counselling and all importantly, helping to stop bullying, in particular, cyber bullying.This website started as a social responsibility project for us, but through the support of a community of parents, educators and teenagers – it has grown into one of the biggest anti bullying and online safety websites in the world. We owe a great deal of thanks to everyone who has contributed to the website, from donating their time, donating written articles to help others to even sharing the website on social media for others to find. Every kind action, big or small – has enabled us to help others. If you want to know more on the website statistics or who we are – check out the bottom of this article. We hope you too will also press the “share” button on the page – to share the website with your friends on social media – who may be facing a problem with bullying today.We at work closely with and are delighted to gain the insight of many professionals including psychologists, teachers and other experts, we really cherish the input and experiences of parents and children of all ages, on this topic.
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The dawn of a new era has arrived in the fight against cyberbullying with the official launch of Cyber Bullying Report. An Anti-Bullying and Internet Safety Services resource for fighting bullies and keeping you up to date on current events. The crown jewel of Cyber Bullying Report is the Anti-Cyberbullying Second Strike System anonymous publishing service designed to help victims of cyber bullies turn the tables on cyber bullies and cyber stalkers. This total package of internet safety resources is also fully automated current Cyber Security News machine.

The Stop Cyber Bullies Anti-CyberBullying Second Strike System is the ultimate weapon of mass victim empowerment that lets you the public take the web back from online bullies and stalkers. Whether you are a business looking to dispel a few dozen false complaints from former employees on consumer fraud sites or an individual looking to consolidate the truth in one centralized place and demand that your tormentor knock it off. All you have to do is sign up for a free membership and verify your email address. Not just for victims this system allows anyone to become an instant cyberbullying journalist by contributing links to documented incidents of cyberbullying and cyberstalking incidents in the news media.

Cyber Bullying Report is more than just a tool for cyber bully management. It is an all in one current events resource for the greater safety of the internet thanks to its Cyber Security Newsreel that brings you the latest cyberbullying, cyberstalking, cyberterrorism, anti-virus, and network security news from leading news agencies selected for reliability as well as popularity combined with computer virus alerts from leading network security companies. is off to a slow start due to the lead developer suffering a severe case of vertigo and is just now getting back on track to unleash its unlimited do gooder potential as soon as possible, but it needs your help today. Tell your friends about the next frontier in bully management so they can help join the fight to stop cyber bullies and make the internet safety today, tomorrow, and forever.

Arnold Wormser is an anti-bullying advocate and internet safety enthusiast. He is currently supporting the efforts of Cyber Bullying Report to stop cyber bullies.

Psychotherapist Dr. Aaron Balick explains how to spot a troll in the first of our series on online bullying.

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It’s no secret that Cyber Bullying and youth suicide are of growing concern and we are the first generation of parents to have to deal with this new threat to our children.

We watch the nightly news reports with unease as we hear of another child who has committed suicide as a result of cyber bullying and wonder what we can do to protect our children. The current measures which attempt to address bullying in our schools are failing because so many of them have failed to properly addressing the underlying dynamics which cause violence and these are: Shame and to a lesser degree, attachment. In addition to this our current views on bully management, often places the emphasis on punishment instead of prevention, and the reality is that the punishment only serves to enhance feelings of shame and in turn – increases the violent behaviour.

When we face a public health problem, an epidemic that is physically and emotionally harming thousands of young people, we need to rally our forces and do what is required to eliminate the problem. The time has come for us to acknowledge that violence in our schools is an issue that can be and must be addressed, and that it is not by preaching against the evil of violence, any more than by preaching against cancer, that the problem will be cured. It requires the willingness to look realistically at what we know, and to commit to doing what is necessary.

Deep fundamental shifts in our ways of thinking foster visible changes within society – understanding the deeper dynamics of violence such as bullying, leads to development of effective solutions both in the present and for the future.

I have looked at the root causes of violence, which are universal, and studied the most effective ways in which violent offenders are learning new behaviours all over the world. What I have learnt is that the purpose of violence is to force respect from other people. The less self-respect people feel for themselves, the more they are dependent on respect from others; for without a certain minimal amount of respect from others or the self, the self begins to feel dead inside, numb and empty. When people lack self-respect, and feel they are incapable of eliciting respect from others in the form of admiration for their achievements or their personalities, they may see no other way to get respect except in the form of fear, which could be thought of as a kind of substitute for admiration; and bullying does elicit fear, as it is intended to. Bullying in all its forms is intended to do just that, to get respect for those that have none for themselves. For when we feel a certain level of love and respect for ourselves we do not feel the need to get it from others by use of fear or force.

There is an epidemic of a lack of ‘self acceptance’ within our children and this may be where the cure to the problem of cyber bullying lies. When our children are worried about their ‘worth’ and ‘self esteem’ it creates dependence on peer acceptance and dependence on something so fickle, creates fear and anxiety.

If we really want to protect our children from cyber bullies, the only real and lasting protection we can offer them is to help them to learn Self Acceptance and Resilience.

No cyber bully can win against children, young people and adults who enjoy the mental, emotional and social well-being that emerges with simple self acceptance and resilience.

Amanda Robinson is the author of ‘The Silent Crisis – Simple Ways to Protect Children from Sexual Abuse’ and an ex police officer who has worked with both the victims and perpetrators of child sexual abuse. In the course of her work, she has developed a deep empathy and compassion for the victims of abuse and an in-depth understanding of the dynamics involved in child sexual abuse including the physical, emotional and spiritual wounds that are inflicted upon its young victims.

Interviews of young people that have been bullied and have also been the bully. For more information on Cyberbullying check out our factsheet
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You can help stop cyberbullies by standing up for yourself or someone else. To learn more about cyberbullying visit:

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