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In this week’s episode of TWNow, Wyatt Ciesielka, Jim Meredith, and Peter Nathan discuss globalization and nationalism. How do they relate to Bible prophecy? Is something stirring in Europe that points to a more centralized government, controlled at least in part by the Catholic Church and the ecumenical movement? How might talks of a European army affect Europe’s relationship with the Middle East and the rest of the world? Will there be a “new world order” coming in the near future? What does the Bible say about the future of governments on the Earth? Watch this week’s episode to learn more!

Is globalisation about sharing a global culture, or designing new cultural borders? Is cross-cultural awareness a new skill, a differentiated form of collective intelligence we should learn, and teach?
Peter delivers a lively talk on cross-cultural differences and their impact on our daily personal and professional lives.

French educated, Italian speaking, English lawyer, Peter Alfandary describes himself as a mildly schizophrenic Brit. After 30 years practicing as an international lawyer, Peter decided to turn his lifelong fascination with different cultures into a full-time occupation – training and coaching professionals and senior executives on cross cultural management skills. He passionately believes that the need for cultural intelligence is increasingly critical as we move inexorably towards greater globalisation.Film and jazz buff, avid reader, Peter travels the world advising businesses and lecturing on cross cultural skills. His passion for his subject is only equalled by his other passion, Huguette, his Citroen 2CV which he proudly drives around London.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
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? DAVOS DREADS DE-GLOBALIZATION! - ?? Chinese President Says Populism is a Threat to Globalism ?


The World Economic Forum is gathered for their annual Davos meeting in the Swiss Alps. Many interesting headlines have come from the globalist controlled media outlets admitting that their plans are “under threat.” Included at this years Davos event is Chinese president Xi Jinping, who statued that populism, which is defined as “support for the concerns of ordinary people” is a threat to globalism.


Earth’s atmosphere can be turned into massive surveillance system using LASERS, scientists discover


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Benefits of Globalization

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This video was made for a World Issues Course. However, it covers the negative and positive aspects of Globalizations, along with some cartoons.
The Background music was default from my computer, so I don’t own it…but references for where I got the info from is in the end.
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