Archive for the ‘Best Topics For Writing Articles’ Category – How to find employee newsletter articles and topics can be aggravating, especially if you are trying to conjure up in your own mind the ideas and article topics employees might like to read. No one can do this very long, and speaking from experience the best way to systematize this process is to decide up on the 12 groups of topic that I delineate here in this video, and then do a bit of brainstorming with employees to further subdivide this topics into other areas. Then use these as keywords to identify content not via Google, but with – if you do this, you will find federal, state, and municipal web sites of educational content that you can use as employee newsletter articles, and you most likely will be able to use the content with copyright infringement. To find a few articles that I post for free, that you can use in your own newsletter, write the free package at
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What Can Be The Best Topics For Writing Articles For A School Magazine?

Writing TV has a bunch of videos on technique and a free download of Stephen King’s audiobook on the craft of writing:

I mean, if you’re going to learn from anyone, who better?


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