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This video is an assignment from my online computer class CIST 1001 at Gwinnett Technical College. My sister Xiomara performed the filming.

I do not claim copyright over any of the information that I transmitted in this video. This is a research assignment and the links below are the sources of information I compiled in order to create this video:
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Haven’t done many videos on position trading. Here’s on on biotech ETFs, XBI in particular, though this works with IBB, too.

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Soil Biotechnology Installation at ACCEPT Society

Soil Biotechnology (SBT) is an indigenous wastewater treatments process that brings together different biochemical processes in nature in order to treat human sewage waste. The technology was invented and patented at IIT Mumbai. This film describes an installation of Soil Biotechnology at an institution called ACCEPT Society in Bengaluru. The installation was supported by Arghyam.
More information about Soil Biotechnology can be found in these resources:

More information about ACCEPT Society’s water work is at :

The SBT installation at ACCEPT Society was done by Vision Earthcare,
If you would like to visit the installation at ACCEPT Society, mail
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If nothing else, medical is actually technologies according to the field of biotech – medical makes use of mobile as well as biotechnology ways to create systems and merchandise which help enhance our way of life and also the wellness in our world. We’ve utilized the actual natural procedures associated with microbes in excess of Six,Thousand many years to help to make helpful foods, for example breads as well as parmesan cheese, and also to protect milk products.

Contemporary medical offers development items as well as systems in order to fight devastating as well as uncommon illnesses, decrease the ecological impact, nourish the actual starving, make use of much less as well as solution power, and also have less dangerous, solution and much more effective commercial production procedures.

More of biotech in:

Presently, there are other compared to Two hundred and fifty medical healthcare items as well as vaccinations open to individuals, numerous with regard to formerly untreatable illnesses. A lot more than Thirteen.Three zillion maqui berry farmers all over the world make use of farming medical to improve produces, avoid harm through bugs as well as unwanted pests and lower farming’s effect on environmental surroundings. And most Fifty biotechnology are now being constructed throughout The united states to check as well as improve systems to create biofuels as well as chemical substances through green biotech, which will help decrease greenhouse gasoline pollutants.
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