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Learn to create the useful torn paper effect. Add this effect to any presentation slide that showcases newspaper clipping, list of things to do, a notepaper or key note etc.

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#Newspaper_Clipping Service Practice for IGNOU BLIS Students. I hope you’ll like the Video.

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DDC 19th Edition Practice :

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Take special precautions to prevent newspaper clippings from decomposing during storage.

Step 1: Avoid high temperatures and moist environments
Store clippings in dry environments at cool temperatures.

Do not fold the clippings. Folding shortens their life.

Step 2: Store the clippings in the dark
Store your clippings in the dark. Light can cause ink to fade and the paper to turn brown.

Step 3: Avoid air pollution
Protect the paper from pollution. Sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere can react with water to form sulfuric acid, which can damage paper.

Step 4: De-acidify the paper
De-acidify black and white newsprint with an alcohol based de-acidification spray. These sprays are available at art stores and from library and archival supply vendors.

Step 5: Archive your clippings
Store the clippings in polyester photograph sleeves or encapsulation envelopes. Place them in a binder.

Did You Know?
The world’s oldest newspaper, founded in Sweden in 1645, ceased print publication and began publishing online In 2007.
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In this tutorial we’ll go over how to customize an existing newspaper to your preference.

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