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We are all born with a unique set of genetic outline known as our DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid.) Since DNA is carried down from parents to child, DNA classification provides a highly accurate way to establish the biological relationships between a child and the alleged father. By comparing DNA profiles, the genetic relatedness of individuals can be determined.

DNA Testing for Paternity typically involves examining the genetic structure of a child in order to find out his or her identity. In the past,these types of tests used to be carried out by conducting painful blood tests, but with technology more evolved, DNA testing can be performed by simply using a cotton wool and swabbing it to the inside of your cheek in order to take some samples of cells from it.

As far as the state of Colorado is concerned, a party can request DNA Testing for Paternity under any of the following circumstances:

* If there is any proof or substantiation of intercourse between the mother and suspected father at the time of conception
* If an expert expresses his or opinion that there might be a statistical possibility of the alleged father’s paternity
* Occurrence of any medical or anthropological evidence based on tests performed by experts
* Existence of genetic investigation results could indicate the chances of the alleged father’s paternity towards the child
* Any other evidence that might be pertinent to the subject of paternity of a child.

Additionally, Colorado law regarding DNA testing for paternity also indicates that a Court can request either party to submit to DNA testing from a laboratory accredited by the secretary of the federal Department of Health and Human Services at any time during the course of legal proceedings, especially where the paternity of the child is at the core of the issue.

Now that you are well aware of the Colorado’s DNA testing laws, this information might make a difference in your life or the life of someone you know. DNA tests are the most precise way to determine parentage, and a method strongly supported by law and Courts addressing family and biological relationship issues.

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Science is a branch that has come a long way in making life easier for human beings. A lot of mysteries have been solved with logic of science and still others are being studied. There once was a time when humans knew nothing about the mysteries of life, of the universe and started out by asking questions. That is the main pillar of science, asking. Birds can fly, man asked why I cannot? And in the quest of the answer man discovered airplanes. Similarly, man wanted to uncover the mystery of formation, growth and extinction of life, in the process a branch of science, biology evolved. The study of genes and DNA is the latest addition to the study of biology that has helped in understanding a number of things involving the birth and life of a new born.

DNA or Deoxyribonucleic acid is the biological blue print of a human being. The characteristics and features of a person are decided by this DNA or the genes contained in the DNA helix. You may ask where this genes or DNA comes from. You see, every human being has a unique set of forty six chromosomes. When a sperm from a father enters the ovum coming from a mother it forms a zygote. This zygote has its own unique set of forty six chromosomes formed from the twenty three chromosomes coming from the father and twenty three chromosomes given by the mother. And this is the reason why when you see a baby you see certain similarities with both its parents, be it physical or by characteristics. But how is it helpful? Suppose there is a controversy involving the parentage of a child. The best way to solve it is through DNA testing as it is 99.9% accurate.

DNA testing has helped solve a number of criminal as well as civil cases since the time it was discovered that it is a full proof way of solving biological relationship issues. Cases where a mother insists that a man has sired her child with the man strongly denying it can be solved only through DNA paternity testing. There have also been cases where there have been a dispute regarding property. After the death of a person, someone comes and insists that the deceased man was her/his father and hence he/she is his legal heir. Without any legal proof, the only way to solve such cases is by DNA paternity testing. the good thing about DNA paternity testing is that even after a persons death, her/his DNA can be tested just by collecting a strand of her/his hair or a layer of her/his skin or her/his nails. Unlike other body parts, DNA or genes do not decompose after death of a person unless every strand of hair or nails is decomposed and there is no way of collecting the blueprint.

The DNA paternity test has been accepted worldwide as a legal and foolproof procedure to solve controversies involving the fatherhood of a child.

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Unlocking Your DNA

Unlocking Your DNA
April 5, 2017
by Barbara Marciniak

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Unlocking Your DNA


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The Amazing Structure of DNA Information Made Simple – An Animated Guide

This video series is presented for educational and enlightenment purposes only. The series was created by the Cassiopeia Project.

The Cassiopeia Project – making science simple!

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DNA Is a Structure That Encodes Biological Information

Amazing DNA facts

Your DNA can store information from a million CDs, researchers say
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DNA 3D printed shoe (concept) built for the way you move
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