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Earth Day 2011 Will Be Celebrated by Millions This Year…

Earth Day is best symbolized by our Native Americans

The Great Binding Law :-

Within all our acts, we must consider the impact on the seventh generation to come…

Taken From The Constitution of the Iroquois Nation.

Earth Day – From a Brief History

On April 22, 1970, nearly 20 million Americans rallied for a cleaner, more sustainable environment through teach in demonstrations across the country. That was a pivatol point in our earths green history. It brought about change in peoples views on the environment. It created enough momentum to establish the amendments for the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act bills.

Earth Day 2011 will be celebrated this year from more than a billion peoplein over 160 countries world wide. Many local festivals will be held including recycling events, teaching and learning clinics, demonstrations and more. Activities for Earth Day have expanded so much that the month of April is now considered Earth Month.

Starting from a grass roots effort, Earth Day has evolved into a national movement for our planet. All of us have or will come to realize the global implications of are world, and why it is so critical to conserve our precious resources. Recycling needs to be remember always in our efforts.

What will you do on EarthDay? A good place to start is looking at Earth Day activities from previous years.

Popular ways people can celebrate Earth Day

Start in your local area

Volunteer! Check your local city for events in your area.
Visit a museum and learn more about the environment
Attend a local event or festival. You can find them on the EPA website.
Organize an Earth Day walk, bike or run, and donate the proceeds to your favorite “green” charity.


Earth Day was inspriational in bringing about the Home Tree Initiative from the Avatar movie, ehich is a sustained global effort to plant one million plus trees worldwide. This was a collaboration between the Earth Day Network, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and 18 other partner organizations around the world inspired 32,000 individuals to plant up to 1,005,787 trees in over 6 continents

On Your Block

Start your own Earth Day event, right on your own block.

Invite your friends, family and neighbors!
Set up a Earth Day booth or table to distribute brochures, activity books and posters. You can find these materials through the Energy Star website.
Begin the day with a neighborhood cleanup. Don’t forget to gets the kids involved and teach them about recycling
Organize volunteers to plant gardens and green spaces

Recycling is a habit that we can all develop to make a positive impact on our environment every day.

Be sure to use clear recycling bins for your recyclables at your events. Clear recycle bins collect more recyclables than opaque containers do. It also helps to ensure you only get clean recyclables in your bins and not any trash or residual product. Visit to learn more about how these clear recycling bins work.


How will you celebrate Earth Day this year? Here are some Earth Day activities where you can participate and share your support for the environment and your community.

Take a Booth at Earth Day
Be an Exhibitor
Be a main Sponsor
Volunteer your time
Be there as an attendee
Network with other people who care
Display recycled products
Volunteer to be a block captain and involve your neighbors with curbside recycling
Volunteer to recycle at events
Write a letter to policy makers
Patronize earth day exhibitors
Visit the Earth Day Network website and add your voice to the billion acts of kindness


None of us are born environmentalists, but we can learn to act as one people for the earth. But we all love our planet, breathing clean air, and sustainable living. Make every day Earth Day?

Reduce, Recyle, Reuse, The United States is one of the largest producers of trash, yet we only recycle 31% of our waste.


Final thought – Most people see things the way they are. This Earth Day, come out and see the way things can be in your community, and your life.

You can learn more about clear Recycling Containers and how they help collect 50% more product by design.

Jake Edwards is a published author who enjoys writing for online magazines and blogs. He enjoys writing on a variety of topics including nature and environmental issues, and here he writes about Earth Day 2011 activities and how to celebrate Earthday 2011, You can read more about earth day at

Earth Day, was founded in the US by Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970, is celebrated on April 22 every year, and is a chance to appreciate the environment – and encourage us to help save it. In this article, I would like to recommend a good way to celebrate Earth Day, if you want to know more golf club reviews or golf swing tips, you may visit my blog to read this article – Newest TaylorMade R11 Series Are Great Golf Clubs Sets


Forty years ago, on the first Earth Day, there was no Internet, no blogs, no cell phones, and no cable television. In fact, teenagers of the 21st century would probably consider the era that spawned the environmental movement a modern Dark Ages. 



Today is the Earth Day, which event is celebrated by 500 million people around the world, keen to enjoy the festivities and get involved in any way.


It’s tempting to suddenly be environmentally conscious as a way to celebrate “going green.” But with our surroundings often determining how well we thrive and survive, shouldn’t maintaining a safe and healthy environment be a daily effort that continues far beyond Friday? 


Here are a few simple ways that you can celebrate Earth Day every day that will benefit you and the environment for many years to come. I think every one should go out and take part in a healthy sport. How about golf game? Go out to play golf game with your TaylorMade R11. Some people celebrate for more than just one day. 


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Will it be enough? Do we have the same will to deal with climate change in the coming 40 years as we had to address environmental problems during the past 40? If not, how will we explain to our grandchildren that we failed to protect the Earth for them and for their children’s children?


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In lieu of Earth Day, educational videos for kids are being scoured by Earth Day supporters hoping to teach their children about going green. Earth Day however, is being approached more stringently by radical Earth Day supporters who say that in order to save the planet, people should stop having kids. Whose side are you on?
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