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When the economy is struggling like it is right now, investors in businesses are working to find new innovative methods to raise capital. Though this may help the company with their struggle and the economy, it doesn’t help the average individual handle their struggle. There is a lot that can happen to an individual or family in times where the economy on a whole is struggling. There are a lot of small things that people can do to make things less stressful in a time where money is tight.

The hardest aspect of dealing with the struggling economy is changing your lifestyle to fit a new budget. It is hard to learn to not make thrifty decisions when you are not used to having to be so aware of your spending. With a family, it can be even more difficult because you have to watch the spending habits of multiple people. It is important to prioritize which things are important enough to spend money on. Some things that may need to not happen as often are aspects like going out. Going out to restaurants or doing take-out is one habit that may save a lot of money if you quit doing that.

You may have to change the places you shop as well. With grocery shopping, it may help your budget if you change the way you shop. One aspect of that is to do simple things like watching for specials at the grocery store or even clipping coupons. It may help also to buy store brand options of the foods you used to buy before. Also making sure you are only purchasing the foods you actually need, not excess, will help save money. Another idea with grocery shopping is that you could potentially join one of the large discount clubs like Costco or Sam’s Club. Purchasing items that you use quite often in bulk is a way to save money.

When shopping for other things like clothing, you also might want to consider shopping at different stores than before. Shopping at thrift stores or discount stores where you can get clothing at a reduced price will help when you are trying to save money. It also will help not to go shopping for clothing or other items unless it is necessary.

Another option that might help when you are feeling like money is tight, is finding another way to make money. If you are in a relationship and you are not working, you could consider getting a job to bring in more money for you and your family. If you do work, finding options to bring in a little extra money would definitely be helpful. Little things like having a yard sale or selling unused items online would be a way to bring extra money into your household.

Though you are trying to save pennies and watch what you spend, you do not want to let it become too stressful. Sometimes when trying to find ways to save money, it can become overwhelming and cause tension between you and your partner.

Chuck Stewart made a presentation to a group of investors who were looking to expand their ability to find great small companies to invest in. He also reviewed the most economical method to raise capital for a starter company.

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