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Difficulty in learning English as a second language or foreign language

Students of all ages can experience one or more types of problems when learning English. In this article I will briefly address the specific problems of the attitude factors, time and money. The problems mentioned below do not recognize borders.

Students in their youth do not generally attach great importance to learn English. Football, friends, online games, listen to music and hanging out with friends seems to be some of the most important thing on his mind. In this age of work and family seems to be years away, and learning English are not generally considered to be required to take college or university for quality that can lead to fill the average size of a career officer. To summarize, the world is more important than learning English. South Korea and Thailand, according to my research student, this hobby is an eternity · Sleeping ¨.

Students whose career has just begun, which is equivalent to a bachelor now that the potential revenue if they go to get a master’s degree. Many of these young people are now married with a child and taking them is not economic goals without graduate degrees. Then they start taking English lessons started to increase their chances of passing the TOEFL,IELTS or GRE for admission to college or university in the U.S.. The problems I see and hear these students for the workplace and families require a lot of energy and time that they have little time and energy to be used for studying English. I see a great number of students have not completed the amount of study in English to pass TOEFL or GRE with a score high enough to take college or university in the U.S.. Cost of English courses is another concern exhausting. Family budgets are so tight that many students give up school because the food and pay rent for the house are the priorities. Dreaming of going on to university in the U.S. and returned home to a master’s hand slowly fades into the future, the present and the past few years rapidly. South Korea, the favorite pastime and age of the students had a dream, followed in second place, drinking Soju (rice, high alcohol wines) while playing billiards.

The next population of students who are struggling to improve their English skills are accountants, managers of import and export, middle managers, vice presidents and presidents of national and international companies, all, j “I have learned English. This group of students was about ten for fifteen years for a job, and now it is very important to communicate effectively in English, especially because of globalization and the expansion of international trade. many of these cases, as in the above examples, other factors affect the performance of students and their goals . Many professionals in national and international communities burned time English classes usually begin in five or six in the evening. Red Eye of overwork and complaints subtle twitch muscles, high blood pressure, weakened immune system and other disorders associated with overwork and stress and inhibit the development of students; improve their skills in English. This age group of students considered family and sleeping outside their primary work interest. When a middle-aged and the deteriorating health of days of playing billiards and drinking Soju after work with colleagues over a long time ago.

So all in all, each age its own barriers to prevent the acquisition or improvement of skills in the English language. Of course, an extraordinary group of students that people of all ages who persevere and succeed in their studies.

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How it is developed: The English language is today the most widely spoken of any language in the world. It is not only the native language of Britain and many other countries but it is also being learn by people of nations everywhere as the foreign language most useful to know.

How did it come to be the English language?

The English language was introduced into Britain by the Anglo- Saxons when they invaded the island in the 5th, 6th and 7th centuries from Europe. It was different from modern English as we know it, as all languages change through the centuries, but the words these people brought over become the basis of English. New words have been added even since then, as new ideas, institutions and inventions were adopted and the words for them needed.

When St. Augustine brought Christianity to England in the 6th century, he brought too, a set of Latin, and Greek words connected with region – words such as altar, nun and creed. The Norsemen from Scandinavia who invaded England in the 9th and 10th centuries spoke a branch of the Germanic language related to the language of the original Anglo-Saxon settlers; it is probable that the two people could understand each other, and the Norsemen introduced many new worlds into language. Some of these took the place of older English words of the same meaning: sky, leg, knife, egg and follow are example of words introduced at this time. When the Normans came from France in the year 1066, they introduced a host of French words dealing with law and government, the church , hunting and chivalry – words such as attorney, assize, saint and feudal. When Caxton first began to print in the English language, he choose books such as Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales written in the dialect of the southeast of England and this had enormous influence on the language spoken in other parts of the country.

When the revival of learning influenced England in the 16th century, more Latin words poured in_ words such as operate and horticulture. And as Englishmen began to sail round the world to found colonies in distant lands and came into touch with distant people, so they brought back words from everywhere.

When new sciences came into being during the last century, many new words needed to be invented to describe the new ideas, such as telegram and psychology. Today the English of the old world is much influenced by the English of the new world and the U.S.A has sent across the Atlantic in its films and plays many new words to describe the things and situations that began over.