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This video will explain how to install and setup free article directory on popular wordpress platform. This video uses Free wordpress article directory theme by and video is brought to you by Please contact us at for paid assistance or to get complete directory installation just for a little fees.

This article is going to be a review of Article Cardinal, which is another one of the latest free article directories. Here anyone can publish their articles and work their way with the website to make their articles search engine optimized.

A lot of cool features can be attributed to this new website along with the usual features; for example you can join in for free. Just sign up and give a few details about yourself and you are all set to go.

With the help of Article Cardinal you can turn your articles into great ones that will enable a lot of visitors. For instance, the website provides some pretty useful tips on what you should keep in mind while writing good articles. To give you an idea, below are listed topics on which they provide you tips.

How you should begin the article.
How to choose a suitable title.
What not to write about.
Keywords are quite important for the article to float in the search engines. You will also find tips on keywords.
You will also be guided about selecting the category and the length of the articles.

These are some of the areas about which you can find tips. And If there is still something that you need help about, then there is website support that you can contact and they will be glad to help you out.

Some other cool features of the website are listed below.

There are over 150 categories from which you can choose from. Surely what you want to write about will fall under at least one of the categories.  It is better to choose from these categories because they are also search engine optimized, which means that these are subjects which are searched by millions of users daily. The directory sees to it themselves to list categories which are optimized.
With Article Cardinal you can yourself add to search engine ranking. Wondering how? Well, here you will be able to choose not only the article title, but page title and page name as well. The writer will also be able to select what will appear in the browser’s title bar. So this is definitely a feature which gives you more control over how you want to attract the right visitors.

There is a growing trend of submitting articles to websites that let you do it for free. Of course it is only the well written and the search engine optimized articles that see a lot of traffic and thus increased sales. So join Article Cardinal now and build your web presence.

Visit NOW. 

Visit to start submitting your articles.