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What You Need To Know About Intuit Website Builder

When technology advances, life becomes much easier. Many people are now using the power of internet to integrate their businesses. Internet is the only marketing tool that could place you at the global market. Online business listings have seen business soar but not as much as websites where you have a lot of pages to utilize in informing, advocating and attracting potential clients hence a need for a customized business website.

You do not require sufficient knowledge on Hypertext markup language [HTML] and you are not limited to use intuit websites if you do not have a background in coding. The website builder enables you to add or stock pictures for a five paged website. This website builder offer assistance step by step when establishing and designing your own website. It offers a complete PayPal shopping cart integration, analytical and traffic measuring tools as well as statistics and website trackers. The package also includes storage of 500 MB and a monthly bandwidth of 5 GB and features that would enable credit card payments.

There are more than 200 templates and 250,000 to choose from when constructing your intuit websites or website. For a more interesting and catchy website and if you would opt to have your own pictures or logos, you could drag and drop to add. If at a later date you wish to revise or change your website, you are enabled to do so and the changes will appear immediately.

If any problems arise for the first thirty days, you could contact Intuit for customer support through phone or email when you subscribe for their services. This ensures that you have a smooth time creating your website and ready help when you need it.

It is ideal for small businesses that need the internet as a marketing and promotional platform as well as a form of getting exposure to a larger market scope on a low budget. The monthly subscription cost is minimal to encourage small businesses have intuit websites and utilize the widely used tool for their advantage.

Intuit websites review ranks the website builders high and above other website builders.  Cheap or free things have minimal benefits; do not go for a free website builder since they will not offer a quality package. Part with a considerable little amount and see you business soar.


For more information on this Website Builder, please visit Intuit

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Write About Events and Occasions

There is a massive amount of scope for creating articles around celebrated ‘days’ such as Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, St Patricks Day and so many more. If you’re not capitalising on these days then you need to up your website copywriting schedule. Interesting articles about these events can come in the form of ‘Top Tips for Father’s Day Gifts’, ‘How to throw the Best St Paddy’s Day Party’, ‘The Most Romantic Gifts to buy Your Valentine’ and so on. Don’t feel confined to writing one article for each, you can generally get a good few articles out of each occasion/event so make sure you put aside some time for website copywriting.

Appeal to the Search Engines

Optimising your website is the key to its success so you should have a list of keywords that you are optimising your website for and you need to make sure that you include these in your articles. Uploading well optimised articles to your website on a regular basis will help towards getting your site above your competitors in the search engines.

The key to effective article website copywriting is to ensure that your keywords are well placed throughout the copy and ideally you should include them in the article headings too. Including links to your gifts within your articles will also help towards the optimisation process. If your article is about ‘top valentines day gifts’ for example then you should be adding example gifts into your website copywriting which your visitors could consider purchasing. This will help with internal links to your website and can also persuade visitors to make a purchase.

Effective website copywriting is essential for your website to compete and succeed in this industry. If you struggle to set aside the time to create your articles or you struggle with website copywriting then consider hiring the services of a website copywriter.

Sarah Evans is Managing Director of Pure Ink Creative. Visit for more online copywriting and marketing ideas.

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