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The legendary Indian spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) once said: “The earth has enough for the needs of all but not the greed of a few.” His words have since proved to be quite prophetic!

The world today is in chaos and by that I’m not merely referring to the tumult taking place in the Middle East; what I’m talking about is the imminent extinction of hundreds of millions of people as a result of global warming. In both scenarios the United States plays a central role!

I have already pretty much detailed out how and why global warming is happening and which nations are most responsible for its acceleration, as well as who’s doing what and who is not to rectify the situation in my article entitled: Global Warming–How It Could Spark World War III.

That said, I’ve included a list of figures below to illustrate to what extent each nation/region is responsible for greenhouse gas pollution in the atmosphere (greenhouse gases are widely held to be the engine behind the accelerated global warming seen today):

USA: 30.3%

Europe: 27.7%

Russia: 13.7%

South East Asia: 12.2%

South/Central America: 3.8%

Japan: 3.7%

Middle East: 2.6%

Africa: 2.5%

Australia: 1.1%

The Truth Behind The Lie

To many in marketing circles the concept of manipulation of social evidence is nothing new. Basically what it entails is manipulating tools of evidence to further one’s goals.

Thus for example, until fairly recently in internet marketing circles, the practice of manufacturing bogus testimonials was fairly widespread. The objective being to convince visitors to one’s website to purchase products on the strength of those manufactured testimonials.

In the arena of global warming much the same has been happening. In the same manner that a defense counsel in a court case will produce its own expert witness to discredit that of the prosecution (or vice versa) so has the Bush II administration paraded a string of bogus experts to decry global warming as just a myth!

In 2007 a good number of environmental scientists and climatologists publicly stated that they’d been pressurized by various Bush II factions to manipulate data to downplay the seriousness of global warming!

Which simply begs the question: why is the Bush II administration going to such lengths to hide the truth about global warming?

Snatch ‘n’ Grab Operation Gone Awry

It is now widely accepted that the invasion of Iraq had little to do with terrorism, less to do with democracy but everything to do with oil! The question still remains however, why did the US go to such lengths (which included manufacturing evidence) to illegally invade a sovereign state under what at best can be described as a thinly disguised pretext for war?

Was it merely a question of the then single remaining superpower claiming its right to wield that might as it saw fit irrespective of international law, just as Nazi Germany once did?

Or was it a case of a few vain men hoping to claim their slice of immortality through a legacy festooned with the glory of having secured new oil reserves for a nation with a quenchless thirst for the stuff?

Or perhaps the U.S. oil reserves were so desperately low that Bush II and his New World Order buddies were prepared to force a snatch and grab operation that could easily have escalated into third world war, so as to shore up those dwindled oil reserves?

Or maybe, just maybe, the U.S. desperately needed to stockpile a vast amount of oil for something far, far more sinister.

To keep at bay a monster it helped so much to create!

Threads Weaving A Disturbing Tapestry Of Events

These days more often than not fact is stranger than fiction. When we look at the Bush II Administration’s policy on global warming it is beyond perplexing why they have gone to such lengths to deny its existence.

For sure, his Have-More buddies in oil and other environmental-damaging industries have plenty to gain by muddying the waters, but what if there’s really more to this repudiation of global warming than that!

What if this is a carefully concocted plot that has been kept under wraps for years?

Here’s what we know thus far about global warming. The data has been around for well over a decade and has been readily available to government officials. Since the turn of the 21st century scientists across the globe have been warning of the extent of global warming; warnings that apparently fell on deaf ears! (Well at least as far as the Bush II administration was concerned.)

But supposing this was not actually the case.

What if the Bush II administration did listen, but only to those scientists who’d concluded that the world had reached the point of no return? And that global warming could not be reversed anytime in the foreseeable future and thus by proxy neither could its ensuing effects!

Fuelling Up For A Global Catastrophe

In other words there was no point implementing measures to curb greenhouse gas emissions (thereby slowing down global warming) and that in fact the best policy was to forge powerfully ahead and ensure that America was readied for the ensuing catastrophe no matter the cost!

If it meant manufacturing a war, so be it! If it meant causing the deaths of hundreds of millions of people to achieve that aim, so be it! After all this wouldn’t be the first time in history that the few had been sacrificed for the many! Oh! Except in this case it is the many sacrificing for the few, or more specifically, The Have-Mores!

When looked at from this perspective, that the U.S. is fuelling up for a long term global catastrophe, it all begins to make some sense! Especially considering that Saudi Arabia still has the greatest oil reserves in the world and has never said no to U.S. oil demands!

Bottom line, it is quite conceivable that the U.S. under Bush II has been insuring against (or at least trying to) a global catastrophe predominantly of its own making! But alas even the best laid plans go badly awry. Iraq didn’t turn out to be the pushover they’d expected and the oil is not gushing the way they had envisioned.

Think that such a scenario is way over the top? Think again! Remember Iraq? Remember Hurricane Katrina?

The way the Bush II government handled Katrina was so shameful that Google for some reason best known to it was compelled to replace post-Hurricane Katrina satellite imagery with pre-hurricane images on its map portal (Damage control? Trying to hide America’s shame from the rest of the world? At whose behest one wonders?).

As you can well imagine, when it came to light, the whole sordid affair was an extreme embarrassment to Google (And certainly not good for business! The search engine business thrives on the premise that results are accurate and impartial and not manipulated!).

But the point I wish to emphasize here is that if the Bush II government could shun its very own citizens (albeit mainly citizens of color) in such a cavalier fashion why would they give a damn if their actions resulted in the deaths of hundreds of millions of Africans or peoples from other parts of the globe who are going to be worst hit by global warming?

In World War II the Nazi’s genocide weapon-of-choice was hydrogen cyanide gas, what irony that in the upcoming global warming related genocide, gas too is the weapon of choice; carbon dioxide gas!

Stop Global Warming

Ba Kiwanuka is the webmaster of

President Bush has shown a clear faith in the ability of American troops to fight for a purely ideological cause- free elections and the spread of democracy. Although the War on Terror was initially sold as a war on WMD’s, it is now being unabashedly peddled as a war not of material proportions, but of philosophical ones- a War on Tyranny. Although we still hear the claims of ‘fighting them abroad so we don’t have to fight them here’, one gets the distinct sensation that this war is being waged to spread democracy.

I’m not unsympathetic to that, but I’ll leave commentary on that goal for another time. This shift in language, more than just an admission of false prewar claims of causality, marks a major change in American foreign policy (who would have imagined Governor George W. Bush committing so many American lives in the name of Spreading Democracy, and, dare I say it, Nation Building?), and has direct implications on other aspects of American foreign policy. For if a War on Tyranny is so valiant, surely we should engage a War on Genocide.

In the face of a 2005 United Nations report claiming that the atrocities in Sudan fall just short of genocide, Washington recommitted to its previous claim that genocide did, in fact, occur, and may be ongoing. The response to the UN report was an increase in pressure… for the UN to label the atrocity a genocide and impose sanctions. It’s nice to see a country these days put so much faith in the power and judgment of the United Nations.

Many who have argued for intervention in Sudan (see for a good history of the situation) cheered when, on September 9th of 2004, Secretary of State Colin Powell announced to the UN Security Council that genocide was taking place in the Darfur region. Many hoped that the actions required by the Genocide Convention would finally be taken. But in a deeply disturbing shift away from the long-standing policy of intervention in proven genocidal situations (even if a theoretical policy), the administration decided to strip the word of all obligations that accompanied it, be they moral, economic (by way of sanctions), or military.

President Clinton and his predecessors avoided the word genocide as anathema, fearing those very obligations. For those being massacred in Rwanda in 1994, Clinton’s strategy of denial and inaction was no better than President Bush’s approach of acceptance and inaction. Despite how clearly we failed the victims in Rwanda (between 500,000 and 800,000 murdered), Mr. Clinton, by avoiding the term itself, tacitly admitted that if genocide were to take place, it would require intervention. Rwanda, in Clinton’s eyes, just didn’t pass muster. President Bush has now shown the world that our commitment to the Genocide Convention is all but evaporated, and there is no crime against humanity that should require our immediate intervention unless American interests are at stake.

In the middle of the past century, a man named Raphael Lemkin made it his life’s purpose to create an international law that would prevent and punish the crime for which, until he invented one, there was no name. As a former student of linguistics, he was fully aware of the power of language, and wanted to create a word that would instill memories so powerful as to overwhelm the senses and immediately spur the world to action. He succeeded, and the Genocide Convention was born. Must we now create a new word to replace that which President Bush has destroyed? The United States has admitted that genocide occurred in Sudan, and has done nothing. If this doesn’t merit action, what does?

A Culture of Genicide

By Charles S. Weinblatt

© 2011


In writing about the Shoah (Holocaust), I was forced to examine human behavior during the most appalling and treacherous genocide in history. How could apparently normal people become butchers of innocent families?  What persuaded German citizens and their allies (Einsatzgruppen) to believe that all members of a religion should be destroyed?  Why did they accept as appropriate the euthenasia of the physically and mentally disabled?  What precipitated a perfect storm of blind hatred sufficient to elicit these “normal” people to murder their former neighbors?  Why was it so easy to convince citizens that Jews and others deemed “not sufficiently Aryan” should be exterminated?


Anti-Semitism has deep roots in the world, especially in Europe, where Christianity promoted Jewish hatred for two thousand years.  Millions of innocent Jewish men, women and children were murdered during the Crusades, the English Expulsion and the Spanish Inquisition.  From the Dark Ages through the Reformation, the Church influenced Europe with a firm grip.  The isolation and denigration of Jews was a firmament of Church philosophy.


Requiring a scapegoat over time to distract rebellious societies, the Church found Jews a very appropriate target.  They did not accept Jesus as the messiah.  They worshipped God differently and with a different language.  They kept to themselves.  Jews looked and acted differently.  They observed different holidays.  They held jobs deemed distasteful to Christians.  The Church and local governments found it useful to maintain that Jews were not to be trusted or allowed to assimilate.  Moreover, Jews were a peaceful group, without any military capability or a capacity to defend their communities from attack.  In essence, Jews were a perfect scapegoat for Church leadership.


Over successive centuries, the seminal existence of anti-Semitism became endemic and rarely far from the surface.  Over centuries, the Church’s effort to expel and murder Jews gradually declined.  However, when Hitler pushed for the extermination of Twentieth Century Jews, he met little resistance.  His endeavor to remove and annihilate European Jews required little vigor to impose.  In fact, it was a useful distraction for the Nazi regime, to combat fiscal and political challenges.  The ancient mistrust and hatred of Jews easily rose to the surface, spurred on and focused by incessant and vigorous propaganda.


Meanwhile, Jews remained largely as they had always been throughout time.  They studied Torah, respected higher education, worked jobs that no one else desired, married and had children.  Their values changed little over time, despite near-constant efforts to isolate, expel, enslave and murder them.  They resisted assimilation, instead appreciating their time-honored values.  For Jews, the bitter taste of slavery, blind hatred and murder was a constant companion.  Even their ancestral homeland, Israel, was conquered repeatedly; their sacred temples destroyed.  Still, Jews loved their religion and culture; and they embraced it, as they had for two thousand years.


Humans are complex beings. There is a great deal more to us than the ubiquitous battleground of good versus evil. We are not one or the other, but a combination of both. We are beautiful and ugly, soothing and terrifying, brutal and caring; we love and we despise. Despite centuries as victims, bearing the brunt of mendacity and vicious brutality, Jews remained loyal to their God, Torah and culture.   They continued to find joy in a life of obedience to their time-honored civilization.  For Jews, life has never been good or bad, but good and bad.  Throughout history, Jews found few moments of peace within an eternity of harassment, punishment, expulsion and slavery.


Holocaust victims experienced the widest breadth of perfidious experiences and conditions.  Within the fetid trains and barracks of Nazi-occupied Europe, lovers dreamed of being together, rabbis tried to keep faith alive and parents worried desperately about their lost spouse and children. The Jews of Europe emptied their devotion of tradition into the gas chambers of Nazi death camps.  Deep within the fear and panic of the Holocaust were decisions about ethical behavior and morality. The culture of Nazi Germany was abducted by the illusion of a horribly tarnished morality; one which approved of the extermination of Jews and euthanasia of the disabled and undesired. This was cold, calculated genetic manipulation, in order to produce a Europe that was Judenrien, or free from Jews.


Meanwhile, a complex palette of emotions churned within the minds of Shoah victims and their Nazi rulers. Some Jewish kapos were more terrifying and brutal than SS guards. Some SS guards and camp workers were gentle and compassionate. Into this churning crucible of horror, lovers, parents, children and grandparents were deposited. Yet, their passion for Judaism did not disappear. Ironically, within a culture of death emerged a passion for Torah and life.  Most Jews did not abandon their faith in God; instead, they carried it into the darkness of brutality, torture, sickness and death.


Powerful infatuation and tender love also existed during times of horror and despair. So did a deep commitment to faith and God. Nazi Germany could remove every article of wealth from the Jewish people, but not their love of family, Torah and devotion to a two thousand year-old culture.  This is the cement that holds the Jewish people together.  At the very end, naked and cold, Jews carried their history, tradition, values and faith into gas chambers and certain death; a tapestry of ancient wisdom, coupled with ritual devotion and a fervent need to connect with each other meaningfully.


The world is seldom seen in black and white, or even shades of gray. During the Holocaust, in the midst of terrible anguish, beauty existed. That beauty was surrounded by despair. Lovers secretly met in fervent passion. Clandestine weddings were held. At some concentration camps, such as Theresienstadt, Jews created schools, hospitals and clinics, orchestras and choirs, political organization and literary groups.  There were even some births, hidden from the SS for as long as possible. Here, deep within the dread of impending death, surrounded by sickness, death, brutality and murder, we find love, compassion, creativity, education and deep faith.


Repugnance, despair and darkness exist within human nature; just as affection, compassion and devotion also exist there. We learn nothing about ourselves if we do not examine these vastly disparate portions of our psyche.


Holocaust survivors lost everything, but perhaps gained something as well. Certainly an honest examination of the Shoah must reveal torturous cruelty, violence, brutality, rampant sickness, forced labor and death. It’s fair to say that Holocaust survivors lost most or all of their loved ones, their sacred objects, wealth and homes. However, despite the starvation, forced labor, inhuman conditions, disease and malice, the incarcerated Jews of Europe continued to practice their religion, their traditions and their belief in God.  They kept faith and culture alive.  Their very survival became a victory of Jews over Hitler.  Today, the existence of their progeny cements this Jewish victory.  Like a fabulous phoenix, Holocaust survivors’ grand and great-grandchildren rise above the ashes of the Holocaust; a treasure of Jewish endurance.  Here, one can feel hope for the survival of the human spirit.


Charles S. Weinblatt

Author, Jacob’s Courage



Charles S. Weinblatt was born in Toledo, Ohio in 1952. He is a retired University of Toledo administrator. Weinblatt is the author of “Jacob’s Courage” and “Job Seeking Skills for Students.” His biography appears in the Marquis Who’s Who in America. Weinblatt writes novels, short stories and articles. He lives in Ohio.